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Hello friends. Today we are back with a 2012 Indian Suspense Thriller movie called Kahani, which has a rating of 8.1 on IMDB. Kahani is a Hindi word that means story. without any delay, let's get into the story. At the start of the movie, we see a man with a gas mask experimenting with the airborne drug contracts due to which the rats die. Cut to a crowded metro station where we see a man entering the metro searching for something. 

Right then a glass bottle breaks and the airborne drug is released, killing everyone on board. People are shocked, but the culprits haven't been found yet. jumped to two years later, a pregnant lady named with their back she has come from London to Kolkata to find her missing husband or nub who came there on a work assignment. She finds a report in the police station and provides the details that earner works at national data centre in DC and stayed at the hotel called monnalisa. Inspector Ronna who is new to the police force helps with their investigation. 

When she and Rana arrive at the hotel, they find no signs that are not stayed there. Next day, she reaches mdcs office and asks the HR lady about her husband, but the HR lady has never heard our next name, nor has there been any such assignment. When with them shows the photograph of her husband, the HR lady seems to recall that Arnab space matches with our ex NDC employee who work there two years back. After the tail leaves, the HR lady takes pity on her and searches the company directly for millon loungey, who's that ex employee whose case it assembles are known, but her access is restricted and an alert is sent to rasik TRG, the system supervisor of NBC Meanwhile, the HR lady meets with their dinner and informs that somehow she wasn't able to access Mullins record on the computer. But that's a hard copy of employee files in the old office of MDC. Cut to Bob a hitman who gets the picture of the HR lady on his cell phone and kills her. 

We start to suspect that Jani is the one behind her murder. This news reaches Intelligence Bureau and Id officer Khan leaves for Kolkata to investigate why the HR lady tried to access melon fire. He learns that the HR lady was trying to help with their find her husband and starts impregnating her. He tells her to stay away from NBC. He also mentions that there's nobody with her husband's name or not, who works for NBC and she should certainly not bother about millon damji as it's none of our business, but with their mentions that the HR lady was pretty sure that melon damage his face. The simple earnouts con reports his superiors that it's nothing to worry about as it's just a pregnant lady who has confused melon damji with her missing husband, Donna investigates the HR lady's murder case and also tries to help with their by poking his nose into finding Dylan damji is when Tyagi comes to know offered he forces Donna to leave from that immediately. With their seats Ron has helped in breaking into the old NDCs office to collect the hard copy of melons file, when with their conference come with the record of Milan dangi and threatens to go to the media can't reveal the information that Milan was the one behind Kolkata Metro attack, which happened two years back when then was working for NDC until he went rogue and someone from inside helped them escape. 

Since then, the government has been hiding the fact that NDC has something to do with the attire he conducts with the other cheese entering a dangerous territory and she should back off with them is now at the metro station we see Bob the Hitman scanning with the by attempting to kill her, she runs away. Meanwhile, the chief of Intelligence Bureau Bhaskar and visits the residents of budget by who is the retired NDC captain. He had resigned two years back after the metro attack massacre in one spot by to join him back the NDC. But barcia is adamant that until this natural health military Escape is found he wouldn't join back. On the other side within drowner reach millions home from the address found on the employee file. The home is deserted but from the tea shop nearby. They get information that sometimes a guy visited Mellon's home who carried a briefcase with golden hinges at the corners. They bring the tea oil to mdcs entrance and point to the RV asking if he was the one who visited millons home. The devices no and points to another guy who is carrying a briefcase with golden hinges on the corners. That guy is the Chief Technical Officer of NBC. Schrader further notices with their following him and scans a photograph and sends it to the Hitman to kill. Bob follows with their searching for a chance to attack but mix it in the crowd. He ends up firing a civilian and drama starts chasing

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