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Welcome back to New rock stars. I'm Eric Voss in Tennant. is Christopher Nolan's latest, most mind bending film exactly the kind of palindromic timeline puzzle. 
Take your mind off the fact that the people in the cinema sitting two rows down from you are logically the kind of people who care the least about how their public behaviour affects others and thus more likely to be on their phones or talking or general mask lowering assholes. 
Yeah, I'm using this snob rant to stall because yes, spoilers ahead, I will be explaining the complex plot and timeline of tenant in this video. I know many of you might not have seen the film yet. Some of you might not be able to depending on where you live, or maybe you're electing to wait until it is safer. All of that is fine. 
This video will be here waiting for you whenever you're able to see the movie and then in doing so injuring your brain or hopefully not injuring your lungs or other people you're in the vicinity with Okay, here we go. Tennant uses a timeline structure that I recently categorised as type four. This always happened to time travel. That means that all the events of the story including the act of time travel itself are all fixed and predestined on a loop. They always happen. The Time Travel is what sets the events of the story in motion usually features a character suddenly realising Whoa, this always happened.
However, unlike other predestined loop time travel stories like the Terminator, the time travel of tenants is not an instantaneous jump to the past. It is time inversion you have to continue to live in age in real time, while the world reverses around you until you get back to your return point. 
You can also just invert objects and then invert them back in time so that those objects continue to exist further and further into the past for others or for your younger self to find bullets gold doomsday device chunks. What does a mind let's give an overview of this story in the future a scientist creates an algorithm to invert all of time, but like J. Robert Oppenheimer, who lived with guilt over his work in the Manhattan Project, this scientist encoded this algorithm into nine physical artefacts scattering each artefacts around the world, inverting them buried in radioactive hotspots, hoping that no one would ever go near those spots, and she took her own life to keep the secret. But when the Soviet Union collapsed, a man that named Andre sator took a job digging up plutonium from a test site and he dug up a container with gold and instructions to amass his resources and track down all pieces of this algorithm. 
Seder works on behalf of others in the distant future who want this man in the past to compile the algorithm artefacts and bury them in a tunnel caved in by an underground detonation in the Soviet secret city assault 12 where that algorithm would stay buried and undisturbed for 200 years. So those future bad guys could dig it up and use that algorithm to continue that scientists work in the worst possible way in burning all of time to counteract the effects of things like global warming, saving their future by destroying our present in the past and say they're playing to signal these future partners that the artefacts were in place by simultaneously killing himself john David Washington only ever named the protagonist in this movie in his organisation tenant. 
Use this logic of inverted timelines to prevent this bait from happening and tie off all the loose ends so no one is none the wiser to let's look at how each key players timeline fits into this starting with a character whose perspective we stay with the protagonist. He begins on a CIA extraction operation of the key of opera house he saved by a mystery man who inverts bullet from the floor through and I tried to kill him and that mystery Saviour runs off with a key chain dangling from his pack. 
The protagonist isn't awakened and recruited to join an organisation called Tennant and he learns that certain objects have been inverted through time from the future. He tracks down the unique bullet casings to Mumbai where he meets Neil and learns from Priya about a Russian oligarch Andre Seder and then he meets Michael Caine in London read some about accessing Seder Crusaders white cat using forged Goya arts that she got from an affair with a man named Rambo. It's a bit complicated but Seder is now using this porch art as blackmail keeping cat from seeing her son so they plan to steal this art from its secure vault at the Oslo airport rotas security by crashing a big old plane into it here things get tricky the deep in the vaults protagonists in Neil enter this two sided turnstile room and then they scuffle with this mystery man, the protagonist bites them as the finger moves inverted in time and blocking all the protagonists move as a step ahead of him and then seemingly get sucked out of a room by a jet engine. necaxa Meanwhile, Neil chases mystery man on the other side who moves directionally forward the unmasks them but then lets them go protagonists joins cat and Seder on the Amalfi Coast and he offers to steal for Seder the ninth piece of the algorithm plutonium 241 that he briefly had but he lost in Kiev while that artefact is being transported in Talon, but in the middle of this epic heist and inverted version of Seder uses hostage cat to intercept that artefact from the protagonist and they all end up in another turnstile chamber where Seder shoots cat and then heads off inverted to intercept that artefact we just saw him take then team tenant commando.
Ives explains that Seder was using what's called a temporal insert in which Seders team inverts themselves from feature to know the end result of the mission and then invert back through that mission to intercept the prize protagonists decides to go after Seder inverting all of them and they chases them down on the freeway buddy fails that flipping wreck that he saw earlier was himself and still inverted. They returned to the Oslo airport. 
Agnes uses the plane explosion to blast himself into the room and scuffles with his past self then enters the vault turnstile, he runs from Neal he gets an ambulance and future Neil wields future cat through the vault turnstile as well then all three are now moving forward in time in the past and are able to save cat from her gunshot wound protecting this meets with Priya and learns of saders plan so they end up forming the mission which is to go back to the instal sc 12. detonation or they use another temporal pincer to stop the conjoint algorithm from getting buried for those future evil dudes, the eyes and the protagonist in red lead the team to fight Seders, troops instals 12 but then let that bomb explode so that no one will know anything was taken while the other team in blue with Neil have inverted themselves from the future into this battle to extract that algorithm before it gets buried in the blast cave. 
And from the explosion. protagonists tonight make it to the algorithm with a bomb in the tunnel but hit a tripwire and are trapped inside. And then there's a mysterious blue soldier dead on the ground we find out is inverted he has picked the lock on the gate and he takes the bullet for the protagonist and he has that same mysterious key chain on his backpack. And then Neil having reverted himself to move forward in the battle pulls protagonist knives out of the tunnel with the algorithm and then the three decide to break up the algorithm into three parts and go their separate ways re hide the pieces and then off themselves. But then Neal gives the protagonist his third and he revealed via the key chain on his backpack that he was the mystery man who took the bullet for him in the tunnel that he picked the lock and that he was also the mystery man reverse the bullet and Kiev and he says that the protagonist was the man who first recruited him that they have known each other for years. 
This is the end of a beautiful friendship. Neil says paraphrasing the final line of Casablanca but that friendship is just beginning for the protagonists to in the future will establish the organisation to close this loop and in the epilogue protagonists fulfils his destiny by killing off Priya and watching as Kat picks up her son Max, who is hinted to be a young version of Neil, which is Nolan's way of saying this always happened. And to explain how that all makes sense. We get to look at the timeline from the perspective of the other characters Seder cat Neil, surprisingly, this movie's really family oriented. Do you want to thank our friends at ExpressVPN for sponsoring this video? Do you have a sinking feeling that you're not able to access all the content you would like to on the internet? Are you worried about hackers or scammers stealing your info? If so, ExpressVPN is your solution. Express VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts your data to keep it from being stolen or tracked and can grant you access to blog content. Many websites and services are blocked in different parts of the world and some countries censor websites and don't let you surf really like Netflix in the UK is content that us Netflix doesn't have like Star Trek discovery or Black Adder. Be honest, we know you've literally watched everything on your country's version of Netflix by this point. Just imagine getting a whole new batch of content without having to pay for a whole other streaming service. 
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But his radioactive digging left him with inoperable pancreatic cancer and he goes insane. He's abusive to cat and they fight on his boat in Vietnam using that forged wrapper to blackmail learn to never seen their son max. But then later on the Amalfi Coast, he meets the protagonist to save some for cat trying to drown during a boat race so he lets protagonists steal the last artefact for him. But then of course, he catches up to him use that temporal pincer to invert himself back to intercept the artefact and he continues to invert himself back to that day in Vietnam the day he intended to kill himself and let the world die with him and signalling in his future partners that the algorithm was in place for them to find in the future but of course installed 12 team tenant foils those plans and he shot and killed by cat slid off that deck and his body is towed away so everyone assumes he has just disappeared But how was cat able to get the drop on him like that? Well onto cats timeline. So when the protagonists first context cat in London, she recalls the day of she and saders fight in Vietnam, and.
she remember seeing a mystery woman dive off the boat as she was returning to it. Then later in Tallinn Seder. assaulter inverts himself drags her into his temporal pincer to snatch that artefact cat is left fatally wounded by Seders, inverted bullets. So Neil and the protagonist invertor with all three winding back to the Oslo vault turnstile, where they revert back in normal time and they heal her wound but then they invert all the way back to the day in the battle and cat pretending to be your younger self gained Seders trust on the boat because he assumes the future version of her is dead. This is just the one he would know from this time, but she shows him her scar and shoots him flipping his body off the deck and diving off becoming the mystery diving woman that the younger version of herself saw. Now the most complicated timeline is Nils and his brings it all together. So Neal first appears of the protagonist as a rookie operative in Mumbai, but he's actually much wiser than he lets on he knows what kind of drink the protagonist likes. And when the protagonist tries to explain time and version Neal just kind of laughs it off with brainy references to positrons and intro be mentioning that he has a master's in physics This is because Neil is actually max the son of cat recruited in mentor to in the future by the protagonist when he established his attendant organisation. 
The two have known each other for years, and Max Neil was likely to spend his adult years studying the physics of entropy, and it's possible that the name Neil was acquired by Max taking the last four letters of his full name Maximilian and inverting them to become Neil. Now at some point in the future, Neil will invert himself to save the protagonist at the key of opera house, he then reverts himself moving forward Normally, it makes contact with the protagonist and Mumbai helps them find Priya, let me help some breaking the Oslo waltz where Neil chases future protagonists and unmasks them realising that its protagonists and as all must be part of some future inversion, then Neil joins protagonists on the talent heist yells rescue alongside Ives, and then Neil inverts himself with cat as they head back to Oslo, Neil waits for the protagonists to go in first and then he takes cat in itself through that Oslo turnstile with all three of them now moving forward just in the past, but then all three invert again. 
Back to the day of the battle, Neil joins the inverted blue team and notices that Ives and protagonists are headed into a trip wire so he reverts himself in the nearby turnstile to try to warn them but he's too late. And while snooping around the tunnel, he sees another future version himself snooping around to more on that in a second, but then Neil pulls protagonista knives out of the tunnel with the artefacts but he's not done inverting folks, he hints to the protagonist that'll help his blue team the next time around, and he leaves the protagonist with his third of the algorithm. Then he heads off to complete his final inverted loop through the tunnel where his inverted self will pick the lock on that gate and takes a bullet for the protagonist ending his life. So Neil is kind of the Kyle Reese of the story, an agent who goes back in time to save his future superior and save the world A world that extrapolating the logic of this movie has already been saved, but only if these agents decide to go forth with their missions. That's why secrecy is so important to tenant agents ignorance is our ammunition as they say things only go according to plan if characters don't know their destinies. It's also important for inverted travellers to avoid contact with their past selves because if you think about it, each inversion creates three versions of yourself existence simultaneously version of you moving forward before you inverted but then your inverted itself moving past you and then that inverted self reaches another turnstile and then reverts so that now they're moving forward on another layer and Neil's timeline compounds that seat during the Battle of stalls 12 he was actually a child during that period, but he was also an inverted agent saving the protagonist in Kiev and then he was a reverted Agent shirlene until Mumbai, moving on to Oslo in Tallinn and then in Tallinn, he inverts again back to Oslo and then that same Neil reverts forward but then shortly after inverts again to style SC he reverted to move forward mid battle and then inverted once more to pick the lock and save the protagonist that is at least six Neil's existing at the same time, maybe even more. In along with the palindromic structure. 
You might have noticed some keywords scattered throughout this film, the villain named Seder the opening scene at the opera the Oslo security company wrote us cats forger a Rambo and with Tennant all these words come together to form the famous Latin Seder square a four dimensional palindromic matrix found in the ruins upon pay and across Europe with an unknown origin and meaning Max was said in this movie to be visiting Pompei. Perhaps Nolan is suggesting that the Seder square from history was a relic from the future inverted back through time to start to give young max slash Neal an idea of his future role in the fate of mankind. Look, folks, there's obviously so much to this movie, so many visual details so many layers of meaning. I'm eager to unpack it all but it may take me a bit of time. Meantime, if you have any further questions about the film, the best way to find me is on new rock stars official Discord server which we offer to patrons of new rock stars of any tear even $1 a month just go to patreon.com slash new rock stars subscribe to new rock stars and hit that notification bell follow me on Instagram at EA boss calling the rockstars and thank you for watching and to those three eight holes in San Diego AMC. You couldn't stay off your damn phones. The only reason I didn't get up to yell at you is I am you from the future inverted trying to make sense attended by watching it backwards. This is what you have to look forward to have fun with that.

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