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Hey there horror fans. Today we are going through a 2018 Indian horror fantasy movie called Dunbar. I must say that this movie is a gem in the horror movies genre, because it just pulls you in with the cinematography, background scores acting and suspense, which keeps you hooked throughout the title of the movie. Dunbar has the name of a village in Maharashtra, where the story takes place without wasting any more time. Let's get into the story.
In the initial few minutes of the movie, we see animation with voiceover which explains about the mythology of the goddess of prosperity. She is believed to be the source of all food and wealth, and she also gave birth to numerous gods.
Among all she loved her first child has stirred the most, but huster was a greedy God. He wanted all the food and wealth for himself. He somehow managed to steal all the wealth from the Goddess, but as soon as he laid a finger on the foot, all Gods attacked. 
Her sister was defeated, but tried before he could have been destroyed. The Goddess stepped in to save him on two conditions. One that has the shad no longer be worshipped as God and to heal be deprived of food. Husted retreated with the curse, and the world forgot about him. Until one day, someone built a shrine for huster in the village of bombard the wrath of God Fela strain and it has been raining in tumbleweed ever since. Right after the animation part starts the chapter one which takes place in the year 1980. We see a lady entering a mansion and getting physically intimate with an old man called sircar. she intends to get a gold coin which is placed on a shrine. Yes, the shrine of hustad. 
The scene cuts to show the outside of a cottage over a hill, where the kids of that lady are waiting for her to turn. After waiting for quite some time, the elder one Vinayak starts cooking food for an old lady who escaped captive in the cottage. Right when the kids are about to enter the old lady's room. Their mother enters the cottage and stops them. Well, for some reason. She doesn't want her kids to get anywhere near that Chrome and carries the foot to the old lady herself. inside the room, we get a glimpse of the old lady's leg, which appears to be inhuman and broadening. Through the conversation between Vinayak and his mother. We learned two things. 
One, that that is a treasure buried somewhere inside the mansion, and to the old lady is the great grandmother of sircar, who was cursed when she got too close to the treasure. The next day, Sarkar dies, the lady feels that there is nothing left for her in Dunbar and plans to move out to Pune to start a new life. But when I suggest her to stay and search for the treasure in the mansion, right then when I x younger brother was playing on a tree has a fallen in Joyce's head. The lady rushes to the nearby city for medical care, leaving Vinayak alone at the cottage when I attempt to wake the old lady and ask her about the treasure. But his plan backfires when the old lady attacks him and tries to eat him. He somehow manages to escape. By the night the lady returns with a new stack when i x brother is dead. They leave tomorrow that very night, leaving the old lady to rot in the cottage. The story then shifts to chapter 215 years later, when I incretins to combat and visits the cottage to find the old lady alive and fused into a tree like structure. 
She's tired of living and wishes that he offers a deal that if she tells him about the treasure, he would burn her body and set up three. She agrees when it goes to the mansion and explodes for man to find the treasure. Note that at this point in the movie, we only know that he has found the treasure, but we haven't seen it. Now that he has found the treasure. He burns down the cottage setting the old lady three. He returns to pony to his wife, we come to learn that He is buried in financial depth, so he uses the gold coins from the treasure to pay back his loans. He furthermore offers the money lender to end catch the gold coins. 
Thereafter, he starts making frequent trips to combat and returns with a few gold coins. The number that we still haven't seen the treasure or how exactly vinaya gets those coins. He sells those coins to the moneylender who starts to grow suspicious about when I expel Well, some people just can't keep a low profile. The moneylender is now running out of money to buy the gold coins. 
He also has to pay a hefty bribe to a corrupt British officer to obtain permit for opium business. So he turns up to when I ex home for financial help. But when I sit at home, through casual conversation with when I expired, he learns that Vinayak has been visiting combat frequently. But even the The wife doesn't know where the gold coins come from. She assumes that it's through some kind of business, the moneylender recalls hearing rumours about the treasure and Tom barks mansion and connects the dots.
So the British officer approaches the money lender and informs that has transferred has been pre porn and gives him two days time to pay the bribe. With no other options left, the moneylender decides to visit Tom Bart's mansion, but doesn't want when I have to find out so he brings a girl to a nice home as made home he has secretly asked to seduce vinaya can keep him occupied for the next two days. But when I soon understands the moneylenders plan, and follows him to combat, he pretends to be unaware of the moneylenders presence, he enters a well with a lunchbox and returns back with a few gold coins. 
The moneylender follows the same steps, and that's when for the first time in the movie, we see the location of the treasure, which resembles the inside of a spear coloured in red. The moneylender finds the lunchbox which Vinayak had carried inside and opens it to find a dog shaped we tried then something attacks the moneylender, and his body is deformed with a curse fused into the wall. similar to that of the old lady we saw in the start of the movie. 
The next scene is the highlight of the movie where we see how vinaya collects the gold coins. We see him climbing down the bell with another lunchbox. He uses big flower to draw some kind of a safety circle around him and pulls out the doughnut shaped dough out of the lunchbox. And boom hoster appears. Yes, the same hoster that greedy God who stole the wealth from the Goddess. Since huster is cursed to be deprived of food. He's both hungry and scared off. That's why huster couldn't cross a line drawn out of wheat flour, but appears out of hunger whenever he sees a window when I throws the dough out of the circle and while huster is busy eating he pulls has this fanny pack and gold coin start pouring out of it. 
He collects a few coins and quickly gets out of there. Now we know where he gets his gold coins from. Cut to Final Chapter 1947 when India has finally got its independence winner has grown old and he's getting weaker. We see his son practising to collect gold coins from hostels fanny pack. So when I take his son to combat and tells him all the rules on their way, he also teaches to make dough but instructs not to bring it inside. As it's the first time for his son. He just wants him to practice but gets the kids his son heights that go in the best and brings it inside. And surprise surprise hoster appears they throw the dough and make a run for their life. But the son is so greedy that he attempts to collect a few gold coins before leaving. 
Once they get out. Vinayak beats the shit out of his son for pulling such a reckless time. Back in pony when I gets the news that all unregistered lines and mansions will now be owned by the Government of India, including the mansion on the bar. He wants to buy the mansion now, but it seems to be a complicated process. Meanwhile, his son suggests an idea that they could buy more time with huster by making many doors and throwing it at him one after another. While he would be busy eating, they could snatch the fanny pack itself, which is an infinite source of filth, then they will never have to go back to the bar. When I find the idea pleasing and we set out for the bar to execute the plan. They are fully prepared and make many doors. And as usual, we have to note that they draw a flat circle outside the well and then get inside and draw another circle around them. 
Now it's time to lower mustard. But here comes the twist. For every door exposed that appears one hoster The place is filled with hostels crawling around, though Vinayak and a son are saved within the flat circle. They just don't have enough dose to feed all hostels and climb out safely. So benign decides to sacrifice himself for his son. He ties all the doors around his body and starts climbing all hosters follow him while his son is safe down within the circle. When I close the hosters outside the bell and remember that is another flat circle drawn outside the crossing which all hostels shatter into dust. Now the sun climbs out of the bell and right when he's about to leave. 
He sees the deformed body of Vinayak who has been cursed but has somehow managed to snatch has this fanny pack. He wants the sun to have it but the sun refuses to take it realising that Greed has costed him his father. He doesn't want me to suffer the curse, so he burns his body and leaves

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