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Bollywood is finally back in select theatres and I went back to watch a Hindi film in a cinema hall probably after close to four months while I'm asked up God a tad bit emotional and hopeful wishing for a day where all theatres across India can open up and that can be some form of normalcy. I was geared up for the much awaited from bell bottom. Before I got into the film, I did a bit of researching to have the right context for the film and what chapter of Indian history it is dealing with. While reading about the period between 1971 and 1984, you'll realise that India was under constant social turmoil, everything from wars to civil unrest, there were a lot of problems we were dealing with as a country the several hijacking cases that took place with respect to Indian Airlines since 1971. consumed that decade well, bottom explores a time where there was extreme civil unrest in Punjab and the hijacking attempt by the extremist groups that seek for khalistan in August of 1984. 
The domestic flight from Chandigarh to Sri Nagar was taken to Lahore and eventually to Dubai, with 100 passengers on board the mission to get civilians out safe the negotiations that took place in Dubai, the careful planning between India and the Defence Minister of UAE to capture the hijackers who demanded to be taken to USA and bring them back to Indian soil is all that bell bottom will focus on other than the fact that there are many creative liberties that they take while the firm steers away from spelling out such details with nuance making it a black and white simplistic or all versus ISI narrative. I thought it was my prerogative just to bring to the forefront what part of Indian history is this movie actually focusing on? bell bottom is an agent espionage thriller based on real events with many creative liberties starring Akshay Kumar so as to showcase how one man with the help of several factions of course orchestrates an extremely complex rescue mission. 
He has me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch bell bottom in select theatres or in the future on an online platform are not the underwhelming aspects the romantic angle and personal insight. I necessarily don't understand the need for a romantic angle or interest in such type of film. See, this movie is not a biopic on the person that Akshay Kumar is playing. This is not shade shot, where an in depth look into his personal life is essential, as it more or less paves the way to understand the protagonists more the focus of bell bottom is precisely the case at hand and how it is executed. 
The film attempts to steer a personal incentive with Akshay Kumar's character to take an interest in the case which makes a very nuanced and complex mission based on real events. A simple revenge twist I feel sad for Vani Kapoor also as she is restricted to a romantic drag and being the wife who opens the door for her husband and gets the food ready. While the makers try to inculcate the thought in our heads that she was important all along. It is definitely a stretch and what is true is that she is immaterial to the grand scheme of things as she was in her previous firm war. While the staggering age difference has become somewhat of a regular feature. It's still a tad bit uncomfortable. movies like show they see romance have provided us a glimpse of Bonnie's potential and knowing her movie lineups ahead, it would be good to see more meaty and challenging roles for her. Sadly, there is nothing much to look forward to regarding Bonnie Kapoor's role or the relevance of the romantic angle in bell bottom special effects of VFX. 
The scepticism that we had of some of the looks in the trailer is evident in the film as well. The problematic special effects that look cartoonish in the trailer are magnified in this case on the big screen. While the firm and its visuals are not jarring to the point of completely overwhelming you. It is especially the case with the shots of the aeroplanes taking off or landing whether genetic special effects become more evident. Just on a side note, For whosoever has seen the film, there is a sequence in a gurudwara where it became so abundantly clear that a baby doll is being held rather than an actual baby. I thought that was quite funny, the good makeup and prosthetics I am still in awe of the fact that Indra Gandhi is played by Lara Dutta. I am still in such utter shock of the skillful makeup done by Colette Ford and the team Nana from partner and Ayesha from dawn to the same Laura data. It tells you the magic and skills that prosthetics and makeup can do to transform and change people's so drastically to the point of not being recognisable at all. 
Many looks came to my mind da da Amitabh Bachchan from pa Shabana Azmi in Makati, or Rajkumar Rao from raabta. The people behind the scenes don't get enough credit and kudos to them for such an impeccable job background score while I'm glad that sokkia 2.0 does not feature in the film because it was quite the task to listen to that awful rendition. The music of the film is actually nice and fitting of the sequences while a crowd pleaser romantic number murgia by sung beautifully by goodness or sing and a z score Toma our gay playing in the conclusion also encapsulates the melancholic and heartfelt can cluding moments of the film The highlight, however, has to be the background music composed by Daniel B. George and the trailer score by Julius Paki, um, that kicks in just at the right moment. It gives you as an audience the adrenaline rush that is required for a thriller that takes up its space supporting cast, there isn't enough said about how truly amazing hellosign is as an artist. The man has done countless number of supporting roles in Hindi films and has got little to no praise for the perfect way in which he assimilates in these different fictional worlds, the man playing superior to bell bottom perfectly analyses the demeanour required for a man recruiting individuals from raw he reminded me a bit of the iconic character played by jd bellava in Razi determined mostly stoic and extremely specific with his instructions. I have to confess though, that Denzel Smith is terribly wasted in this film, appearing in most of the scenes where there is a core meeting but having little to no dialogues, Huma Qureshi appears in an extended cameo by does as the script requires, and let's face it, who am i is a talent who despite a brief appearance, she makes her presence felt every time it is Lara that is Indra Gandhi who really impressed me there is a sense of confidence showcased by her in front of camera that is not only reflective of a majority as a performer, but exactly what the character of Indra Gandhi needed. She stands out in all the core meetings laying an impression with audiences that we would actually love to see her more in films or probably even in a series in the future. Second half editing and pacing one of the main reasons why bell bottom becomes an engaging trailer eventually is because of its slick second half that not only changes gears like a supercar, but also presents the staples of Hindi cinema in theatres that we dearly missed. 
The film progresses into the case being just at the grasp of raw to seeming as if there is no hope for it to be a success. And all of this takes place in quick succession, keeping you engage for how the story will unfold. This is backed by some crowd pleasing dialogues, which I'm sure if I was in a packed theatre would have resulted in some hooting and whistling while the second half may have the staples of Akshay Kumar films, which include Pakistani officials being an embarrassment and oddly in this film, what seems like PR for United Arab Emirates who give speeches to the Indians about humanity and is it still draws you in because you are invested at the mission at hand, the rescue tactics culminating into a sandstorm action sequence reminiscent of Ghost Protocol will keep you thoroughly engaged added not been for the vast improvement in the pacing of the film and its second half bell bottom would have been extremely tough to salvage Akshay Kumar, as I previously discussed in the trailer review of bell bottom Akshay Kumar is in his comfort zone when it comes to such phones with a nationalistic sentiment. 
The ADB or airlift bell bottom is an extension of that same universe that has become popular and Akshay Kumar is filmography. The man is undoubtedly a stellar performer he leaves no stone unturned in convincing us that he has the ability to pull off stunts like he hasn't aged over 35 and even in the emotional scenes provides you a glimpse of why he is still such a relevant star after so many years. You know, when you signed up for this firm that it will be a hero centric Akshay Kumar firm who saves the day. Am I getting exhausted watching the same versions of Akshay Kumar? Maybe does it necessarily mean bell bottom doesn't work as a firm? Hell no, it is an extremely bold move by him to release his film in theatres, understanding the current predicament The world is in and the financial risk he bears in doing so I would just like to say that bell bottom is a good film well edited and executed especially in its second half that marks the return of a brighter future, hopefully for the Hindi film industry in theatres worldwide. And that was a video guys. Write down in the comments below what you thought about bell bottom. 
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