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What is up welcome. In today's nd explained, I'll be covering the brutal 2015 sci fi horror circle, following 50 strangers who are about to be killed, they have to pick one person to survive. In this brings out the worst in them lies, backstabbing and murder, where no one is safe, not even a child. So in this video, I will explain everything. What happened in the ending did the baby vote? What was the aliens goal in much more, but more importantly, I will teach you how to beat the circle in case you end up there. 
What would you do if you found yourself locked in a room, he can't move and someone dies by vote every two minutes, you are going to when I started the recap of the movie, if you have seen the movie before, and you hear for the explanations and my theories go to this timestamp on screen now. But if you want a quick survey before then this is circle. So we see this dark room and it's filled with 50 people in a circle. 
They're standing around, but in a deep sleep. That's when this teenage girl wakes up. And she looks terrified and has no idea what is going on. And she should be terrified. Wait till she finds out how she got there. It what's about to happen. So she starts trying to do different things. And we find out the her actions some of the rules of this place. Well, number one, do not step off your circle. And rule number two, do not touch anyone that's on this man sponsor, and he tells you to stop because they can see them. We see something that looks like a camera, or an orb rising up from the floor. 
The teenage girl tries to get more answers from this guy, but he doesn't know anything else. Good. Well, at least she's following his advice, except that another woman wakes up and she's screaming Help Help ignoring the guy who's telling her to calm down, and then zap. She steps off her circle and get shocked with this red lightning, dropping dead bleeding from her eyes. That's a one. But don't spend too much time feeling sorry for her, and alarm goes off lights come on, in all 47 other people start to wake up. And everyone's trying to figure out what the hell is going on. When this guy sees a dead woman and freaks out accidentally stepping off his circle. And well, that's to that guy from earlier tells everyone to freeze, whoever is watching them can see if they move so they should stand still. Which brings us to rule number three, don't lift your feet off the ground. And now we start to hear this countdown sound go off every couple of seconds. But why? That's when the guy who got zapped earlier suddenly raises his hand into the air showing this glowing circle on his palm. before he's dragged away into the darkness. As if someone was pulling on his hand. It alarm rings from somewhere and the group sees this camera orb in the centre of the room, building up this electric red glow inside of it. And then it goes dead. Quiet. Remember that guy who was explaining everything? 
He goes, Okay, now, and well, he gets out and that's three down. And now unsurprisingly, everyone's losing their dog on mind at this point. And if you blink, you might miss it. But there's this guy in the back row who turns and is talking quietly to this woman on his left small detail, but it pays off later. Good news is someone's figuring things out. There's this Asian kid who begins turning his hand as he stares at these arrows in the ground that starts to move, lighting up or darkening as he turns his hand. The arrow reaches a very innocent looking woman when he closes his fist, and POW we're going to before. So it turns out these lights on the ground are controlled by everyone's hands. Everyone can see their own arrow. And when they close their fist, whoever that arrow is pointing at gets their vote to die. So they vote through all the art showcase. 
You guys already killed someone. Okay, that's fine. So the group agrees, everyone keep your hands open. Nobody vote. Except, yeah, somebody does. And the council starts again, and give you another one down. But this time with a vengeance because someone wanted to hurt dead. And that's six. So the good news is the remaining group starts to make sense of things. Like someone suggests they vote for the dead woman again, and I'm sure this guy would have mind. The group agrees and another guy goes down. So that means he either had the second most votes this round, or he had the most votes so far, in that seven down. So they try again having nobody votes. 10 seconds go by barn roof, an unnamed woman gets it. guess that means rule number seven is if nobody votes if in 10 seconds, a random person gets killed. Weirdly. Well, everyone is obviously upset by this failed attempt. 
There's this one guy who kind of likes it. Oh, eight down. Show no matter what happens. Someone's going to die. And all they can do is choose, but fear not Finally, so knows what to do. The college guy yells everybody quiet, because he's got a plan. hopefully things will go better now. Anyway, this guy thinks they should kill all the old people, because there's like a minute or two between each round. And if they do that they have more time to figure out what's going on. But the people really aren't comfortable with this, especially those over 70. Believe me, they ain't thrilled. But everyone gives in, and they vote for the oldest man first, going clockwise after him making 910 and 11. Now, during that time, they actually managed to figure some things out. This is one guy, Eric, who remembers that he was stuck in traffic on the freeway trying to get out of the city, people around him are starting to recall. 
That's right. Ellie has been invaded by aliens in everyone tried to get the f out at the same time. Desperate, people got out of their cars, and they started running. And that's when the spaceships pulled them up. Eric says, then everything went dark, but that he suddenly has more to say, adding on that he woke up in this dark room full of bodies stacked on top of each other, maybe alive, maybe dead. There was also another guy there who was awake, a human who isn't in this room right now. anything after that is a bit of a blurb. And he thinks he might have been gassed. Because last thing he remembers he woke up here makes you wonder if there are more circles out there. And so the group keeps on killing old people. Next up is this guy who's trying to buy stuff some time by making up stories of what he saw. Nope, that's 12 it up next is this older woman who says she's 52 and is a cancer survivor. But who cares, right? college guy should doesn't. Hey, could come back though. And people are not cool with that. of 43 you're going to kill me next. Oh, I guess that means it's college guys tend to go. And that's 13. Anyway, let's speed things up a little. Yeah. So people start dying left and right. 14 tries to introduce herself. 
She works in HR. Nope, you got to go. It all one walks the plank, and that's 15 then the group comes together to save an illegal immigrant and kill an Asian girl. Instead, a criminal will beat his girlfriend dies next, and then a woman in her job who hasn't really talked up until now. So that's 1617 and 18. Turns out the car was a racist. Go figure. So he's gone. And next they tried to arrange a one vote per person round. But someone does a play along and they kill the annoying guy who keeps counting down from 10 every round 19 and 2001. They also discover rule number nine. 
You can't vote for yourself, but we're about to learn something new. Do you remember this guy? When the group orchestrates this one vote per person round again. This guy goes after the pregnant woman. But Eric catches this in votes for him. They both get voted on twice. In it's a tie. Which brings us to rule number 10 ties our resolve to tiebreakers. Eric explains what happened. People gang up on this creep, Good riddance 21. Now, he must have been realising that this whole thing is kind of like a game. We're only the last person standing survives in that the most sympathetic person will last until the end. So the best strategy for someone unsympathetic like him, is to get rid of those people. First, the pregnant woman and the little girl in Eric realise this except he's determined to do the right thing and fights to protect them. And also people are starting to wonder what happens in the last round. With only two people are left, won't they end up tying, there is only one way for someone to win in that case, if the other person doesn't vote. And it's obvious to everyone that either the pregnant woman or the little girl are going to be the last one standing, instantly making them targets. And a tie with the little girl causes the quiet woman to become number 22. And then this guy becomes number 23. Then we see some noble acts by the pilot Sean and the foreign woman who become numbers 24 five and six. Rest in peace, you honourable lions. So more arguments start cropping up. Like why are they here, which leads to numbers 27 and 28, the young girl the atheists being sent to heaven, then the group tries to rethink how to approach the whole voting thing, which has the teenager from the beginning becoming number 29. And the lawyer is number 30. The black couple who we found out we're having an affair Bruce and Susan the doctor get zapped in a tie. They just send out the vote so they go on together making 31 in 32 and this introduces rule number 11. If two people are stuck in a tie in no one votes, both people will die. Well this is definitely gonna have consequences for the final round. 
The Asian kid and the translator die next number 33 and 30 Before, with the group split between trying to protect the pregnant woman and a little girl, versus those who want them out of the circle, so that they themselves have a better chance. This ends up with these really tense lightning rounds with a migrant sacrificing himself and the rich man, the one on demand, and the African American man going next 30 567 and eight, that we find out that the married couple were lying to survive. They don't even know each other, which means Craig figured out that this was a selection from the start. Oh, and then he blames his fake wife for coming up with this plan. What bra we saw you talk to her man, we know you're lying man. What a lie. Craig's fake wife decides to split up with them. 39 in the lesbian, Christine and the cancer survivor, along with a soldier get knocked down on this five week tight 4041 4243 multi kill with the bearded man escaping by the skin of his teeth. And this guy's a character. This guy's been leaving the group to kill off the pregnant woman and a little girl. 
He's been making promises left and right brokering deals and garnering empathy. But the only guy that stands up to him who says you know where I stand, he still wants to protect the little girl and the pregnant woman. So the diggin offs himself, before the fake wife of the bearded man gets out who finally gets tricked by Eric 4445 46 followed by the southern man who apparently has never voted or spoken this entire time.
Good strategy 47. Leaving Eric little girl and the pregnant woman with everything that's happened, the trio talk about why they're here. Maybe it's an experiment, a way to study humans understand us. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. Because it's time, Eric will sacrifice himself and one of the two need to do the same. And the little girl agrees to give up her life for the baby's sake. So she steps off in just the moment Eric is encouraging her. He shows his true colours. 
He quickly votes for the pregnant woman. They both die instantly. 4849 only Eric is left standing alone be Victor have a circle. Except there's one more contestant, the pregnant woman's baby. It's a tie. The countdown begins. But we don't see what Eric does. He just wakes up back on Earth, where he sees a group of other people, mostly pregnant women and children looking up at the UFO in the sky. Now let's get into the explanation. I'm going to first explain the circle and why it was created. 
Then explain how the ending worked with a tie breaker and the baby. From there. I'll answer questions like what happened to the other circles? Who were the people Eric saw, while the four people died in the five way tie, and more. After that, I'm going to hit you with some seriously mind blowing alternate theories, and then drop it up. I'm going to teach you the strategies for beating the circle. So what's the circle? The world has been invaded by aliens like Eric said it everyone freaked out after seeing the UFOs and try to escape the city only to get sucked up into the spaceships. This is confirmed initially by people agreeing with Eric's memories. And then at the end of the movie, when we actually see the spaceships. But the million dollar question is why are the aliens doing this? What's happening here clearly is the population is being cut down if the aliens are searching for a specific kind of person, like Eric screams at the end, what? I'm not good enough for you. Feels like the aliens are looking for someone.
He figured that out right from the beginning. I think there are three main possible reasons why they are selecting like this. Number one is for entertainment. Number two is that they only want to keep around humans have a specific trait. In number three is a great filter, which I'll explain in a bit. If the aliens are doing this for entertainment. Maybe the circles are a form of reality TV, like the TV show survivor with a golden circle is to be the last one standing. The circle might be a show streamed across the universe watched by quadrillions of aliens, or the show has to be really popular for the work. production budget alone would be huge. line item number one cost of invading a planet and wiping out almost all of its people. I guarantee there are a lot of viewers placing bets on who wins and who dies to make the show runners some extra cash inside all the elements for a game shored there. Camera contestants drama schemes, quirky characters in the grand prize being left alive with the contestants having chips put into their hands to help the show stuff, monitor them and move their dead bodies. Notice how I pointed out in the summary that they were being pulled away by hand first, like the chip itself is a magnet, dragging them out. As a way to make sure people realise their rules. The aliens have a plant inside the circle. Someone who would tell the contestants if you rules before getting killed off. This explains why the guy in the beginning knew a little bit of how the circle works. He was there to help them figure out This place only to get killed to keep the drama high. As much as theory makes sense, there's something that the bunks this, the director of the film Mark has shown a set in a Reddit AMA, that he was interested in the aliens as something more. He wanted to imply that there's a bigger purpose for the circles and that the aliens being sadists is boring and cliche. Which brings me to Reason number two for the aliens doing this. If the aliens are doing this to find a person with a specific trait, that the circles are a way for them to find that person. But what trait are they looking for? In? Why are they letting us choose? As far as traits go, some of the aliens could be looking for his cleverness. Maybe in the aliens culture being clever is the best trick to have or is held in high esteem. As a way to bring this cleverness out. 
They forced different species that being the circles that try not smart other people they're in find the cleverest Person of the mall, maybe their own societies really brutal, like baby sharks eating each other in the womb. And so they respect seeing that in others, and their culture values that kind of viciousness very highly. As for why they let us choose who lives and dies, it's a way to give people the chance to outsmart each other, tricking people to stepping off circles, getting the group to single out one person, getting people to not vote for you, among other things that show off how clever you are. But maybe the trait that the aliens are looking for is selflessness in the aliens are trying to find another species that isn't selfish, maybe being merciful and kind is like an ideal that the aliens want others to practice. To that end, they set up circles and try to see if humans can be selfless, able to give up their lives for the sake of others. If that's the case, then the actual wonders of the circle are those who sacrifice themselves and step off their circles. Does this reasoning hold up? I would say it doesn't. 
One reason why I think that is because the test goes against this idea of being virtuous. If the aliens really thought being selfless and merciful was a good thing. They would realise that forcing people into the circles is cruel. It's the opposite of merciful. Secondly, it goes against the desires of the director, who suggests the aliens have a bigger reason for doing this. And this reason doesn't have much going for besides aliens are trying to see if humans can be selfless. There has to be a great reason to invade another planet, kill almost every single member of his species, and then leave them alone. This brings me to the final reason for the circles the great filter, I propose the aliens want us to evolve to be prepared for a huge challenge, which requires the kinds of people that would win the circle. This reason not only being grand, but not sadistic as the director intended, and what grander purpose is there but to help another species beat the greed filter.
Now the greed filter is this thing at events a process or a factor that stops life from evolving and getting to a point where it can't leave its planet before it goes extinct? It serves as an explanation for why we haven't seen any aliens yet in our galaxy, the greed filter stops them from reaching us. An example of a greed filter in fiction are the Reapers from Mass Effect, who would harvest any species that use Mass Effect technology? Unlike the Reapers, the aliens in our movie are trying to help us advance. They know the read filter needs people who can make and live of hard choices. So they create the circles where people have to make our choices very quickly, or else they will die. This not only trains people to make hard choices, it also find someone who can do that, and survive. Once every circle is done. The winners are sent back to Earth to repopulate the planet, a mixture of men, women and children who will raise and lead a new generation who will be ready to beat the greed filter when the time comes. It basically circle winners we see at the end, it makes perfect sense. A few men can impregnate many women, but few women can't have the babies of many men. So having mostly women and a few men is the perfect ratio. 
If this is what the aliens are trying to achieve. add on to that there are also kids there. So that way there's enough genetic diversity in the population, and everyone doesn't end up being each other's cousins. I'm looking at you Habsburgs. Don't think about watching you. It's unfair, it's cruel, but it does serve a purpose finding that person who can live with the guilt. This explanation makes a lot of sense as it explains why the winners are left on earth, the big purpose of the circles as the director intended, and Eric's reaction at the end of the film, he realised that this is the process of elimination. And when he's left alone to the circle, he cries out what it might not be enough for you. Eric is clearly very sick in the blood. But even he's taken aback for a second and is confused with the result. Until he realises that he's in a tie with the baby. Maybe even in that moment. He hesitates, feeling the guilt of what he's about to do. Being in a tie. The somehow survives. How's that possible?
trying to explain the ending and what happened with the tiebreaker. The only reason Eric was able to beat the tie at the end of the movie is because the baby didn't vote. This was hinted at earlier in the film. And the group asks what happens when it comes down to two people, they figure that someone must abstain to let someone win. Now, because we don't hear a voting sound go off at the end, the circle forces the baby and Eric into a tie. They didn't vote for it. And since two people stuck in a tie will die if no one votes, Eric breaks the tie by voting for a baby who didn't vote at all. This is why he makes that face at the end, he killed a baby to get out. And maybe even he feels guilty about it. Now babies also count as a person in the circle. Did the pregnant women kill their kids? No, they did. This is because babies don't start out as their own person, they start out as a part of their mom's circle. If a mother tried voting for her own baby, she'd be voting for herself, which is impossible, since that's against the rules. So all those women who got out of those spaceships are still pregnant. 
And I like think about it, if you count the baby, there are actually 51 people in the circle, not 50. Kind of like area 51. But hold on to that thought for later. Because before that, there's something that doesn't add up. There are only a few spaceships spread out here and there the sky. And meanwhile, Ellie has a huge population. Every square mile has a seven and a half 1000 people crammed in, in LA. If every person in LA was in a spaceship, there should be a lot more spaceships, the whole sky would be filled with spaceships. But there are only a few. And on top of that, in the group of final survivors, Eric sees at the end, there are mostly pregnant women and children. It seems like every circle have the same mix of people. I'm talking one pregnant woman, one child, one cop, one more year, one doctor in so on. So I think this means that the aliens are just keeping those people they need for circles in killing everybody else. Most of the people in the world were wiped out as soon as the aliens invaded. 
And we can figure out how many people they killed. Think about it. There are at most 85 million circles. If all the circles in the world are set up by Eric's they have at least one pregnant woman. And since there are only 85 million pregnant women in the world, one pregnant upper circle, there would be 85 million circles as well. Just the United States alone, we've got 4 million preggers that means most 4 million circles in the US. But we can narrow it down even further. The US has 16 million cancer survivors 20 million felons. 1.4 billion lawyers 700,000 cops in 600,000 pilots, as were soldiers, the US Marine Corps has only 60,000 sergeants, if it's actually one copper circle, we're talking at most 700,000 circles. If it's one Marine Sergeant per circle, and none for the other military branches. We're talking 60,000 circles at most with the people or circle that's only 3 million people who made it that far. In the US that's 1% of the population. It's a nice round number, just the sort of thing an alien who would think of this sort of thing in the first place would do. So that means 99 out of 100 people were wiped out in the initial invasion. Dale, other questions you might have, before I get into the area 51 theory and the other theories? let's answer some questions. What about the other circles if the number of pregnant women and children is any sign, most other circles chose pregnant women and children to survive until the end and didn't have someone like Eric win, but we do see a guy who probably won in a similar way. But what happens with the survivors? I think the aliens leave them alone to rebuild and repopulate. 
Okay, next, let's get into how the five way tie worked. This is a big one. Before the fibre ties begins. There are 11 people by 10 people vote because the southern man doesn't. This means each person in the tie was voted for twice. two votes for a person makes a tie. Simple enough. In this is who I think voted for who in the first tie based on their expressions. But then the second round of voting comes and we hear seven votes, but four people die. This is working too complicated. So guys, I'm going to explain this who voted for who these next seven votes with none of the math.
So the final tally is Birdman has one vote. The lesbian cancer survivor and Christine have three votes, and the soldier has zero, but it gets up anyway because he didn't vote. Why does Bruce vote in the no vote round? There's a round of voting where nobody votes, but we see Bruce clenches hand voting for this woman. Why would he do that? Now I said that someone wanted her dead with a vengeance. Think about it. All we know about this guy is that he's the one who had an affair with Susan, the doctor. Yet, the movie specifically takes a moment to show us that he votes when no one is supposed to. It has to be somehow related to the only information we have about him. He's a cheater in an adulterer. Could it be that this woman was his wife, and he was taking it as an opportunity. But the odd thing about this is a few minutes earlier, when there's a lot of confusion. You can catch boo sailing out. Susan, Susan, in all the commotion. What do you really do that if his wife was right there? If not, I think there may be a more mundane reason for choosing her strategy, not only killing someone before he gets killed, but choosing someone who isn't distinct. Like someone in the back row. Someone unnoticed, unimportant and unmoored. Why do a few people wake up early? I think this has to do with the timing of the invasion. It's never said when people began getting taken to the UFOs. But I think that man number one, the teenage girl, and a woman number one, woke up early, because they were the first ones abducted. If the aliens did gas, the people they took the first people taken should wake up first. This makes sense. Since that way, their bodies had more time to process the gas that knock them out. On top of that, when the teenage girl asks the first man, where are we? He replies? Where do you think he means the UFO in the AV invasion that happened in LA, something that the others don't even think of until seven minutes after they wake up. This makes me think that the first man was one of the first people to get abducted, or that they weren't gassed as much waking up early enough that he had time to think about where he was, and what happened, or that their memory wasn't harmed as much by being gassed less. Another reason why could be that they were released early, and getting woken up by the implant in their hands down where the aliens can see the people taken are working right. Like companies will do a test to see if a product they made works. For example, seeing if a batch of phones will turn on. If the people woke up Fine, then they could proceed to do the circle. If not, then the circle might be paused until the problem is fixed. Which brings me to my next question. Did Eric change his story halfway through? Was Eric lying about what he saw. I think it was like it suspicious that at first he says, and then everything went dark. Before adding on that he was pulled up into the ship. It woke up in this dark room. In also he's the only one who remembers anything about this room. You have more than 40 other people there. And yet nobody else remembers any of that. I don't believe it. But the thing that makes it believable is that he started with the truth of the other people confirm before telling a lie. 
That's why he did that was leverage. If you look like he knew what was going on, people would see him as useful. That way they wouldn't vote him off. It was all a part of his long term strategy to be the only survivor in a group of 50 that 51 and that brings you back to an earlier point. What if this is a reference to area 51? Prepare yourselves for the government that there are no aliens theory.
First off what is area 51. In 1955, the government built a facility called homie airport or groom lake in Nevada. Officially, this was a place where the United States Air Force were building and testing super advanced aircraft and weapon systems for the military. unofficially, there's always been rumours surrounding area 51 about it being a place where top secret research was done on UFOs UFOs that crashed landed in Roswell, and were taken to area 51. Whether or not this is true pop culture has run with it with video games, movies and TV shows going wild with the concept, using it as a minor plot point or major factor in the story. Even though it's well known, no one really knows why it's called area 51. The CIA claims its due to its map designation. But what if it was actually named for a top secret operation to build UFOs to kill American citizens as part of a population control programme with the 51, meaning the 51 people per circle. But why would the government want to control the population? It could be a way to get rid of people with bad genes or ethnic in the past as part of eugenics programme. People with disabilities, a criminal past or from a specific race were sterilised in the US This led to more than 60,000 Americans getting their tubes tied in to this day. This is still going on in some countries, especially in prisons. Another reason for doing this is to make it less likely that resource shortages will happen in the near future. So it's a bigger population uses more fuel, more food, and more resources overall. This has happened in the past and other countries like China in India, which made policies and rules that tried to shrink the population. India sterilised their people, and China made the one child policy 30 Why a government would do this would be to do a false flag operation, blaming someone else for something they did. Blaming aliens for doing this attack would hide the true purpose of the UFOs. To cut down the population, it's not as crazy as it might sound. As in 1962, there was a real false like operation called Operation Northwoods. It was a planned by the US government to attack American cities and Cuban migrants, attacks that will be blamed on the Cuban government. And given the US just cause for going to war with Cuba. It was never used. But it was shown to president john F. Kennedy, who said it was a stupid idea. 
Either way, this sets up a national crisis that the President would have to solve with a domino effect on society, both in America and worldwide. You'd have other world governments trying to plan around UFOs and searching the skies for aliens that don't exist, you will unite the American people increase the defence budget, among many other things, its impact would be comparable to 911, where something like air travel had been overhauled to be more anal and strict in response. Which brings us to drumroll please, how to beat the circle. Picture this, you wake up in a dark room, standing on top of a glowing circle, the air smells like sweat, you can hear the hum of machinery, you can taste the fear in the air in a countdown begins. You my friend are in a circle. And if you want to beat it, you must have a plan.
So I'm going to teach you six ways to play and stack the deck in your favour. Each strategy getting better and better as we go. But it's still up to you to choose your strategy. Now remember, just because you saw Eric survive at the end, doesn't mean he won. Most likely Eric did when he survives his circle by being cool, yes. But maybe there's a better option. For those who are virtuous and good at heart. Maybe you actually win by sacrificing yourself in the aliens take you someplace that we don't get to see in the movie. It sounds unlikely. But that sounds like you. My first few strategies are based on this strat number one, the bounce. This one is about sacrifice, plain and simple. If the circle is testing to see how selfish you are, you pick this one, you win. All you got to do is step up your circle, which will be terrifying. But if the circles testing to see if you can sacrifice yourself, you're going to win. Although it's a bit of a gamble. Moving on to the next strategy, the stoic, maybe you want to be good, and you think it's right to be good, but you're not ready to step off quite yet. You want to last a few rounds and see how this plays out. Now since you can't become invisible, this is the next best thing. All you got to do is keep quiet and not vote. This one works with a solid man. And to be honest, I forgot he was there some times. So this strategy will take you through the circle. But it's not foolproof, you might get picked either randomly, or when there's less people around by a group. So definitely don't choose to save you stand out. Plus some solid types are targeted because of discrimination, like the woman in the her job, or for showing weakness like crying, or normally cutting down. So keep that in mind too. Straight number three survivor. So just like the TV show, TMobile people stabbed in the back, you should be good. Seal the bearded man built quick connections, asking the lesbian if you want to see your kid again, we're asking the pregnant woman, if it's a boy, or a girl. Step one, do that. Get them to trust you. And then step two, betray them. And you should be good. Unless your charisma fails, or someone like Eric is there to trick you which case be on the lookout for guys like that hidden alphas and take them out before they take you out. Now this is a good one for surviving till the end since you can get a lot of people to take out the others before betraying them. With this strategy is a hard intense game to play. You'll need to keep active and keep up a good act round after round. So there's a few risks there are risks that some strategies don't have. Strike number four, the sympathy vote. This one's easy. You get people to leave you alone by using something you have, like a baby, your youth, a family, a spouse, that sort of thing. And if you make it loud and clear early on that you have one of these things, people should leave you alone for a while. Just don't get caught if you're lying, because that never ends well. Otherwise, this one's a pretty good strategy for being the last one standing straight. Number five, Peter, this is the second best one out of the bunch since this is the one that Eric uses. And it obviously works, but it's built on six things. One, know what's going on or at least looked like it. That way people aren't likely to vote for you because you're useful to protect the weak. If you save people, you look like a good guy, which makes people think twice about voting for you. Plus, when you betray someone, they'll never see it coming. Three look friendly, but meek don't come off as mean or imposing because I just makes people want to vote for you. In other words, do not act like the banker dude for be observant. Watch out for lies and things that don't make sense to people store He's a to figure out how to trick other people. That way. You can five, be a fast talker, making people see things your way and using them to take out the others will keep you safe. And finally, six, distract people make people focus on other things, such as targets that take out, like the pregnant woman, or the little girl. There's a lot here, but if you can get them to work, you're gonna survive. 
Eric wins at the end. And that's for a good reason. This is a very effective strategy. But what if I told you there's a better one? All those strategies help you beat the circle? But what about cracking the code? What about a potential guaranteed when do you remember the start of the movie? With the girl trying different things out? Why didn't she die when she took a step outside the circle? Or when she touched another person?
I mean, that other woman died when she stepped off. So what changed? What caused her to die? What happened between the teenage girl breaking the rules, and the woman breaking the rules? This, this orb in the centre of the room rose up with the girls testing things out. That orb hasn't come out yet. But by the time the woman after her wakes up, that orb is up and ready to kill. Remember I pointed out in the summary of the orb only comes up after she starts experimenting. I think those warnings before it comes up or your bluff. I bet as long as an orb is down, you're safe. No orb means no red lightning. So the number one strategy to actually be the circle is run. Just run haul ass in G the F o. But to get this to work, you need to wake up early. What you need to do is as soon as you get gassed by the aliens, breathe in as little as you can. That way you wake up early before the orb rises. Since you get three warnings for breaking the rules before you get out. You step off trigger one warning and Roadrunner me get out of there. No muss, no fuss, unless you sick of running. So now it would be a good time to start working on the spreads. But of course, it's not like you'll be able to run off the spaceship. But at least you'll get yourself a nice hiding spot aka plan further and maybe find a parachute or an escape pod. 
Hope this video helps you prepare for any circles or UFOs. What game plan are you going with bamf stoic survivor sympathy vote beater running like the wind or something else? Tell me in the comments. And if you're wondering what I would pick, I go for the bounce. Not because I'm trying to be a good person, but because I'm pretty clumsy, and I'd probably fall out my circle. Just keep it real. And with that said, thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated on my latest uploads.

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