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Welcome to cinema summary Ladies and gentlemen, and today we'll be looking at Eli, a movie about a very sickly boy getting cured. Except not everything is as it seems. A Just so you know, I'll be going through the story of the film first Before explaining and clarifying a few things. So put on your hazmat suits and take your medication, because this is the story of Ely 2019.
Eli Miller is the son of Christians rose and Paul Miller, and he's a very sickly boy with a really bad autoimmune disease that will burn his skin off. If he takes off his hazmat suit, in this condition has cost the Millers a lot of money, and they are currently on their way to get Eli treated by Dr. Horne, an immunologist who's seen plenty of patients like Eli in seems to be trusted by Paul and Rose. My Jew, Eli is going to be treated inside this big spooky house, where he can thankfully take off his hazmat suit in peace. 
BOD he's a little sceptical of Dr. Horne, and tries to get us to the spooky house, where he will be sleeping separate from his parents. However, things become spooky. As the night he arrives, Eli is visited by a ghost, which blows on his window. Although it could just be an hallucination. At least according to Dr. Horne, who gives him his first treatment, this viral gene therapy that will cure his malfunctioning genes. 
Over the course of three treatments, though it's as he's in the operating room that things feel off, like this nurse who takes his photo suddenly, or this ghost child that he sees in the reflection of a chair. And after waking up from the anaesthesia. He hears someone throwing rocks at his window and sees that it's a girl who he goes down to meet in this living room meet Haley, an energetic sort of weird, quirky, but certainly friendly redhead, who much like Eli isn't a magic tricks and sleight of hand able to set things on fire with her mind, at least according to her. But more than that she's also rather important. As she tells me he labelled the house he's in is weird, in that Dr. Horne doesn't seem to like her a lot. From here on out. 
There is a very clear supernatural presence throughout the house that much like any horror film, or is only witnessed by singular person. In this case, it's Eli, who is harassed by the spirits of children. In no matter how much Eli insists that he's haunted by ghosts, his parents don't believe him. In neither does Dr. Horne, who is insistent that it's just a medication that's causing Eli to hallucinate. It's rather suspicious and it's also a lie since a Nether ghost outright tells Eli by writing on glass about said Why? Or at least about a lie. This only gets more suspicious as after the second treatment, Eli begins to feel worse and look worse, which only gets worse as another ghost comes in harass him. This time carving the words why again and again on the surface of Eli's closet, which Eli's parents and Dr. Horne think was his fault. And when Eli again tries to explain that it was the ghosts. Dr. Horne tells Eli that none of her other patients ever experienced a paranormal activity or saw any ghosts. But that night, he like talks to Haley once more, who talks about a previous patient by the name of Perry, who was being treated much like Eli is and who said that he had seen ghosts and who Haley never saw again after he got his third treatment. And it's after this he like gets dragged to the decontamination chamber by the ghosts. Gets found by Dr. Horne, who he like calls a liar and mentions knowing about Perry much to Dr. horns horror before blacking out and waking up at his bed where his mom gives him some diazepam at a pep talk. 
Though during this talk, he realises the ghosts the children, were trying to tell me code a password to something 317 the word lie upside down. In that night he goes to the metal going using 317 as the access code and finds files of the previous kids, Perry Agnes and Lucius and discovers that they died due to Dr. horns treatments. Meanwhile, Rosen Paul get into a fight with each other about Dr. horns methods at her actually lacklustre success rate in curing kids and Rose decides that they're to leave. Waking up Dr. Horne who goes to check on them at the same time, Eli nuts over glass, causing a nurse to investigate the disturbance. So after going upstairs finding his parents missing, he gets injected with something by his dad, and the nurses drag him down to the medical wing, though he manages to break out and go back to the medical wing, and tries to show his parents the files, but they're gone. And after running away, he finds himself in Dr. Horn's room, where there's a photo of her and the nurses dressed as nuns. And that's when a dragon fly appears and guides Ely to a secret chamber to this sacrificial altar place thingy, along with a crucifix and a sealed well, but it's here that he gets locked in by Dr. Horne, his parents who decide he needs to be treated. 
But Eli's condition acts up and he blacks out before waking up again. And he's fine. He can breathe. His parents lied to him about his condition. But why? And he shouts and screams that his parents asking them why and his mom hears this and goes down to investigate, only to find Eli is silent. He's dead. So she rushes in only to get blindsided by Eli, who swings the crucifix at her and runs to the living room, where he sees Haley and tries to break out but gets caught by the nurses who drag them to the yard. At the same time that Rosa wakes up and opens up the sealed well define the bodies of the other patients wrapped up in clearly dead then a lot of things happen in the finale. The parents allowed Dr. Horne to do her procedure, which is actually an exorcism ritual that involves trying to cast out the spirit of the devil out of Eli, which goes terribly, terribly wrong. And after using his dark powers, he lay breaks out of his restraints and uses his powers of the nurses before interrogating his mom about what exactly he is. And she reveals that his dad, his real dad was the devil who got her pregnant after she prayed to him, and that Eli never had an autoimmune disease. That was all just a lie. And the film ends of Eli fully embracing his demonic heritage and leaving only to run into Haley, who reveals that she's like him. I have devil child who was keeping an eye on him. And he decides to take him to meet his dad. And together along with Eli's mom, they pile into a car and drive off leaving the creepy mansion, a flame. Okay, so they explain a lot of what exactly is going on at the end of the film inside the film. But in case things are happening too fast. 
Eli is the son of the devil, El Diablo, the biggie himself, the adversary, aka Blue Devil, and rose, his biological mother prayed to be of child to God, who didn't answer her prayers, but the devil did. And this explains why Paul and Rose have such a strained relationship throughout the film. And furthermore, Eli's condition is autoimmune disease was BS. It was a big lie propagated by his parents, in order to keep his demonic heritage hidden, and of course protect other people from the threat that he posed. Since as we see at the end of the film, demon children are very powerful, even if they're half demon. And it seems that in moments of extreme emotional distress, is demonic heritage awakens, which leads to his skin condition, although that is also due to the injections of holy water that he's exposed to in the treatments. And then moving on to the treatments. 
It's outright stated that these were injections of holy water, which leads to him burning brother literally due to his demonic nature, along with being medicated with treatments of tennis route, which, according to my research is like a magical ingredient used in magical rituals. And in fact, I think this might be a reference to Rosemary's Baby, another film that has a very similar plotline that also makes reference to tennis route. So if each treatment of holy water in different places, it seems that it unfortunately has a fatal effect on half the amount of children, which lead to them dying and potentially getting absorbed by Dr. Horne and our nurses slash nuns who conduct the exorcism, and keep their bodies trapped beneath the house and those seals, which presumably also traps the souls of the children to the house, due to say physical connection with their soul and their body. And speaking of the children, Lucius, Agnes and Perry are as mentioned before children of the Big D and something interesting to note is that the names Lucius and Agnes, as well as Eli, have some association with Christianity, with Lucius coming from the Latin word Luke's meaning light, the same root word as Lucifer, a name that refers to the devil, and Agnes is associated with lambs due to St. Agnes his martyrdom way back when. Furthermore, Eli's name is Hebrew in origin, and could be a direct reference to the high priest Ely from the book of Samuel, although it could also be associated with Elijah and Elijah. Although this could be coincidence. dentals since I couldn't find anything about Perry's name being associated with any Christian things, and finally throughout the film, we see dragonflies flit around the estate and usually act as a guide for Eli, which I believe could be a reference the builds above the Lord of the Flies, one of the seven even princes of hell, eight is a another name for the devil. And I believe through these dragonflies. The devil sort of helps out his children to help them survive against the exorcism, that Dr. Horne and her nurses conduct. Although none were as strong as Eli, whose demonic powers are employed to have grown since he's entering adolescence, which accorded Dr. Horne was when the demons powers typically manifest Although an alternative interpretation of the dragonflies could be that these are actually the souls of the children projecting themselves as dragonflies food for thought. 
And by the end of the film, we find that a Haley is like Eli, a child of the devil and a human woman, and who, according to her, was unable to help out he live of his trial and tribulation, since dad prefers to see if his children can help themselves out, which I think is probably due to the devil needing capable and self sufficient hairs to usher in the end of days. But that's just what I think. And with that being said, thank you so much for watching. Ladies, Gentlemen, if you enjoyed the video, leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated on my latest uploads. Now if you excuse me, I need to go visit my priest just in case.

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