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Welcome to cinema summary ladies and gentlemen. And you know, I like movies and I like talking about them with you guys. But have you ever seen a movie that midway through, you realise it wasn't very good? And then it was actually kind of boring? Yeah, this is one of those films. And I'm going to tell you all about it, since it's my job to summarise and explain movies. 
But this time, I'm going to really lash out at this and, and tell you how I really feel about this movie. So this is kidnapping Stella strap and folks as I strap on, the film has a promising start introducing us to our protagonists, Vic, the bearded one, and Tom the twink, who we first see stealing a car in Berlin, before removing the licence plates at a garage. They then proceed to buy a lot of random items at a home improvement store stuff which they take to a grungy looking apartment in order to prepare it. And I'll be honest with you, that start was pretty killer, and it got me really hyped for the movie, but let's just say that was basically the only interesting part of the film. 
So anyways, they start boarding up windows soundproofing the walls, nailing the bed to the floor, and adding a set of locks to keep people out, giving each other a set of keys for the locks before heading out to the forest at night to nearly red cloth to a tree, as well as modifying their van v few new additions before they wait in broad daylight for their target. Stella Martin's. They put on their masks before grabbing her and putting her in their van. After which Tom takes the woman's phone, disconnecting the battery and the SIM card, allowing them to vanish. 
They then take her to the dingy one star apartment they rented were stolen us will be kept prisoner here for the rest of the film. Anyways, they lock her up stripper before taking photos of her putting her clothes in a bin liner before dressing her up likely tethered from us. Later they demand that she gives them her father's email address and phone number and she gives it then they go out Tom putting Stella's phone in a garbage bag for attraction clothes, while Vic uploads the photo to a computer before putting on a thumb drive and leaving. As Tom goes into check up on her standing there like a freakazoid. 
Every 10 minutes he realises he's torn about this whole thing. With Vic comes back. He's brought back with him disposable phones. So after getting her some water, they tell her that if she needs to pee or poo, she says either stick one finger up or two and she needs to go number one. So our delightful duel of kidnappers grab a plastic jug and help her out with Vic looking away and Tom staring intently at the P jug. After she's done. Tom dumps the bottle and grab some food but isn't hungry. Something that Vic gets on his case about since Tom needs his energy, and after refusing to eat, Vic forces Tom to join a chicken nugget which he swallows but he's still at hungry due to the stress of the situation. This leads to a conversation between the two where we find out that Vic and Tom have been planning this for a long time ever since they were in prison. And they need to stick to the plan to get the ransom money. And Vic leaves for some reason. 
As Tom says behind to check the photos of Stella. He's starting to feel a little guilty about this. And he goes in to check on her and is about to leave when she needs to go poo. So like a complete amateur. He leaves the door open while he grabs a bucket and some toilet paper and brings it back along of a gun. After taking her out of her restraints. He makes her poop at gunpoint, which I know the feeling of but this isn't the time and place to talk about it. But she can't poop because of stress.
But she can't poop because of stage fright. And its privacy. So Tom turns around and again like an amateur gets hit with a bucket dropping the gun, which Stella grabs and threatens him with the many that he throws the key to her, but he steps in and tries to grab the gun but she fires it and Tom suffers from an episode of tinnitus. And as he's trying to recover, Stella masks him in recognises him. Fine. Did you do this? You ruined my life and still is so shocked that Tom is able to tackle her and lock her up again. And he leaves her but not before telling her that ivig finds out that they know each other Vic will kill them both speaking on the devil Vic's bag of some bad news. Stella's dad wants on the money. 
But Vic sure that he will soon in the next day Tom film still in Vic as he's about to cut off Stella's pinky finger. But actually speaking to the camera, she mentioned that she's four months pregnant, and Tom says that's enough and they stopped filming. And they have enough footage for a brand's video but Vic tells them to never do that ever again. So Vic makes the ransom video and they prepare to go back inside but Vic notices Tom forgot his mask and he puts it on and they go inside defeater minestrone soup year comes the aeroplane and during feeding time. Tom notices the bullet case from earlier and tries to get it after the plastic spoon and Vic was using falls to the ground. me leave the room with Tom going to the bathroom to flush the casing down, put it doesn't go down and after a few more tries, which gets Vic's attention, Tom grabs the casing with his fingers and no joke swallows it, what a champ. 
And after that ordeal and some mild sexual attention between Mr top and bottom, Tom does some calculations and realises that Stella is lying to him and confronts her and we find out a little bit about their history. I one point in the past, they were dating, he was a criminal. Even before prison, he got her pregnant and then he went to jail, and she realised that she didn't want someone like that in her life and left him although something interesting in their discussion is that Vic learned of stellar after Tom mentioned her name as she fit the criteria of the ransom plan, single child, female rich father, and although Tom doesn't believe her still is adamant that she's pregnant and tells him that he could find out if he just turns on her phone to see her doctor appointments, something that he realises it's just a trick so that the police can locate the phone. 
But then she begins to choke and when Tom goes to help her, she throws up and they get close and begin to make out. But it's all a trick to get free, so that she can handcuff Tom to the bedframe. While she goes to call the police on a disposable phone but finds out that she needs a key to unlock the doors locks, a key that slipped out of Tom's hands, which is now on the floor of the hostage room. So Stella puts the phone in her pocket and lunges for the keys. But Tom is able to knock her out and break the bed frame to get free and put Stella back in her place. As he goes to wash up the vomit. Vic comes back and telling Tim that stills dad will deliver the 4 million euros at the coordinates. So they have to move around the van to the boathouse. And then they have a moment where Vic confides of Tom that he's planning on going to Mexico to meet with a friend and go to the Pacific Ocean with the money and retire over there. 
Now it's not my place to stomp on someone's dreams. But that is super cliche and that is a proud American tradition that I will not tolerate. So you German criminals can go find your own Mexico either done Poland or in Argentina. Anyways, Tom goes to prep the van and finds a doctor's note that proves Stella is pregnant. While Vic talks suffer in realises that something's wrong. She has one of the disposable phones knows Tom's name and there's a bullet in the wall which I mean of all the things are gonna happen he finds the exact place where the board was, is that bad script writing or is that just pure luck And to make matters worse, sell reveals that she and Tom know each other looks like someone's going to die soon. After prepping the van Tom comes back to the apartment where Vic is being weird checking the the gun is working and talking about still in tamani vaguely threatening way before they move on to the next phase of the plan where Vic and jack still with an anaesthetic before he and Tom dumper in the van though Vic is on the phone for some reason before they leave. Did you send the coordinates? Yeah, yeah, everything is good do not vary on Tom. They drive the van to a boathouse where they lock Stella up and Vic it changes the plan and brings Tom Whitman to pick up the money. And just before they go into the forest, Tom puts the battery back into Stella's phone before going to the tree with the red cloth nailed into it. That same tree from earlier but when he goes to check the money surprise, it's not there. 
Tricky Vic trick Tom. What a twist. Then Vic prepares to execute Tom who begs Vic enough to kill him in alludes to an intimate relationship that they had back in prison before he runs away and get shot. So Stella's still locked up, Tom is dead. And Vic's got the money. And he drives back to that place. We saw the beginning of the film to switch cars before driving back to the boathouse to poison Stella. But guess who comes to save the day? It's Tom shocking, who hits Vic on the head of a stick before he is shot by Vic, which leads to Vic getting killed after being tricked by Stella causing him to drop his gun which Tom uses to take Vic out and the film ends with Stella freed Tom and Vic are dead and still escapes in the car Vic drove taking the money that was used to pay for her ransom and disappearing to Poland. And with that being said thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen I realised this was a very different style of a video than I do usually. And I hope you enjoyed it if you did leave a like down below and if otherwise, let me know of a comment down below how I should improve it if you liked it when I should change if I should get rid of it. And subscribe if you haven't already to get updated on my latest uploads.

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