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Hello thriller fans. Today we are going through a 2018 crime thriller movie contract session, which has a whopping 8.7 stars on IMDB consciousness a Tamil word which means streaming. Without any further delay, let's get into the story. 

The movie starts with a dead body of a school called being discovered. The killer has plucked out her eyes and executed her mercilessly. On the other side, we see our own boys an aspiring filmmaker, writing a script on psychopaths. But every producer he meets that takes his script as the story is too dark. 
Usually, people prefer to watch a lighthearted movie over a dark themed one. And hence, the producers don't want to gamble their money by making our run smoothly. After struggling for months with no luck, and running out of money, he succumbs to joining the police force. Actually, Aaron's father was a police officer or died on duty, so alone was offered his position with the support of his brother in law, who is also a police officer. He prepares and clears the police exam and joins the same branch as him. He starts living with his brother in law's family, where we see our own sister and his niece named our Mo. 
Mo is as bad at studies and takes Aaron's help for forging her pad and signature on her report card. She also takes him to school, pretending that he's her dad, that he gets to meet her teacher witchy but they are caught in the act and her most father changes her to another school, which is known for its strictness. Meanwhile, another school girl victim number two gets kidnapped, and her parents find a gift box hanging down that bed snake in which we see a dog's mutilated head with cuts and ice plucked out. When investigating. 
I don't find that the cuts made on the dog's face are identical with the cuts on victim number one space. He suspects that it's the same killer and comes up with a theory which he puts in front of ACP luxury. He explains that only psychopaths are known to leave some kind of symbol or impression on their victims. And they like the attention in the form of fear which attaches with their name. 
He also mentions about the past and that victim number one was found dead two days after the kidnapping. And it's the second day after kidnapping of victim number two, they should hurry else it won't be long before they find her dead to. Lakshmi takes around his words very lightly and mocks him for creating imaginary stories. She tells him that if his theories were to be true, why can they find a similar gift box for victim number one, right then they get a call about a dead schoolgirls body being found. They take the body for autopsy. Meanwhile, I don't visit the hospital of victim number one and learns from her roommate that someone had left her a gift after she was kidnapped. I don't theory is right. It's the same killer when the autopsy report for victim number two arrives. I don't consult the doctor with the autopsy report of victim number one. 
The doctor supports our own theory that in fact it's the same killer because the cut made on the body of both victims are identical cut to a school seen man we see a girl with speech disorder teacher which he has helped her with a hearing aid which has the feature to record sound and do speech training outside the school which he notices that girl taking an auto and so that girl goes missing victim number three. It's the second day after kidnap and the school girl's body has been found. 
Right then which he calls that the auto which victim number three had taken has a red star drawn on the back. She informs Otto who finds out that auto and arrests that driver through investigation he finds out when the driver gets paid to pick school girls and drop them at a teacher's home named a barrage of exploits and the sexual advantage of the girls in return for passing them in the examination. When I don't understand reach in Bernards home, they find victim number three school back there in barrage at home but seeing his photograph, Adams brother in law tells him that it's almost teacher that's the new school that amo was calculated they rushed the school Meanwhile, we see in barrage is exploiting a more in the classroom because she has scored less than the tests are outrageous right on time and makes a plan fire to scattering barrage and beats and bad that's been in barrage reveals that he has been exploiting.
school girls, but he hasn't kidnapped anyone. he narrates what happened on that day. He brought victim number three to home to give some notes. When offering Jews she caught in mixing some kind of a tablet and ran away from them. After which he found the gift box and never saw the girl again. He also tries to escape police custody holding a cop hostage when I don't shoot in barrage in self defence and he dies. Meanwhile, Moo gets kidnapped from a birthday party and Aaron's family find significance left on the compound wall of their home. Two days later, they find our most body in the trunk of the car. During all this are known as suspended for inquiry often barrage them, but he doesn't stop his investigation. Through a conversation with Richie, he learns that she had gifted victim number three with a hearing aid, which has a recording feature for speech therapy. He rushes to the autopsy centre and finds the remains the items of victim number three and gets the hearing aid. He hears a piano being played on it a unique composition which he has never heard before. He takes help of a radio station pretending to conduct a contest where the one who tells him about the music will be the winner. One of the callers tell him that she has heard the same music in our schools and when a programme or route reaches the school and goes through the video footage of the annual he finds the same music tune being played on a magic show performed by Annabella charge. To more investigation he finds out the common link between all the murders was that there was a function conducted in the school before the girls were kidnapped. He finds out that through the magic show Annabella picks a volunteer and grows friendly with them, stops them and then kidnaps them. He alerts all the schools in the city and finds out one school where there was a magic show conducted recently. He reaches there and sees the video of the function. He comes to know about a girl who was chosen by Annabel as the volunteer and suspects she would be kidnapped. Next, he goes to her class and gives a speech about women's safety and asked all girls to save his number for emergency. 
He specifically targets that girl and makes a call from my cell phone to get her number. With help of his polar screen. He starts following her after school, but due to restricted visibility, they lose trail and that girl gets kidnapped. Victim number five, got to Hannah's location. He's playing a piano when victim number five gains consciousness. She makes an excuse of going to the restroom and calls a roll from there. He reaches the location alerting animal who flees victim number five the same. 
He finds a family photograph and recall seeing it from the research he had done to write his fist over. The news article dates back to a decade mentioning model Arup reaches out to the investigating police officer of that case, who is now retired. The retired officer narrates the story about animal whose real name is Manny Fernandez. After the death of Mary's husband, she started doing magic shows. Her son Christopher had progeria, a genetic disorder of deformity due to which he was bullied a lot at school. But a girl named Sophie became his friend. Sophie had gifted him on doll on his birthday. Yes, the same kind of doll was mutilated head is found in the gift boxes. So Christopher fell in love with her, but she didn't accept his love proposal. She told him that his genetic disorder makes him unaffected to have physical relationship and the news spread like fire in the school, leading to more bullying. Sophie stop talking to Christopher, but he kept following her everywhere. One fine evening, Mary approached Sophie and gave her a gift box inside which we see the mutilated head of the same doll which she had gifted Christopher on his birthday, after which Sophie was found dead and the police arrested me. After being released from prison. 
Mary and Christopher were reported that in a car accident, even the retired police officer is shocked to learn that Mary is still alive. I don't thank the retired officer for the information and leaves to alert the police after some time, I don't get a call from the retired police officer asking him to come home as he has found a clue but before our own makes it mainly kills the retired officer. Yes, things start to get personal. When the police arrive at the scene they find out on their on the orders of ACP Lakshmi. The police hold around in custody because he's continuing to investigate even after suspension. In the polling station.
He asks the constables help to see the photographs which are to be dropped at the forensics. He notices a bloody handprint with six fingers. On the photos. He checks the hand of the retired officer he has five fingers. He checks the photo of Mary she too has five fingers, but then comes to Revelation. It turns out that Christopher has six fingers and he has been using Mary's identity as a cover. That's what the retired officer wanted to inform cut to the flashback. 
Mary was one who gave the gift box to Sophie, but it was Christopher who killed when Mary was arrested. Christopher saw fear on people's face and that made him feel strong. He only attacked school girls because of the heart. big fluffy giving back to the present. 
Christopher is making things personally, I don't get a call from vj who tells him that some kind of old guy came to her home and attacked her. It's Christopher. She somehow saved herself but he kidnapped her niece or an infant Lakshmi that they have been chasing the wrong person all the while. The real killer is Christopher, but Lakshmi is angry on our own. But even after being suspended, he's still working on the case. She orders the constable to handcuff out on but the constable handcuffs Lakshmi instead, and turns around to save the girl somehow, with the help of the bully's friend, he transformed Christopher who's nearby the autopsy facility for backup arm calls the doctor who performs the autopsy for him. 
Christopher distracts the cop with a magic trick and kills him. Meanwhile, the girl escapes and comes closer to the autopsy facility. The doctor finds her and takes her inside. Christopher follows them and kills the doctor. He starts showing magic tricks to the girl when you notice his bubble coming out of the facility. He enters and confronts Christopher. 
He finds out that Christopher is not as weak as he looks and uses his magic tricks as a weapon to attack out of. I don't know the mentality of a psychopath. He provokes Christopher by uttering the same words which kids at school used to bully him. Christopher gets this term and attacks on taking advantage of our own kills and saves the girl got to the hospital where erroneous admitted, and the TV news shows the case of Christopher bright then I don't get a call from the film producer who tells him that the psycho killer story is in trend now and he would like to make a movie on his credit. The movie ends there.

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