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Welcome to cinema summary Ladies and gentlemen, and today I'm going to level with you this is going to be the mother of explanations for varium. Because I'm going to explain everything. What's the language? who's in control of yonder? Why does the kitten mimic the parents the significance of the number nine, the relevance of the cuckoo bird, who the other people Gemma saw were, and more, because as much as this movie has some good performances, a great premise and a great start, it doesn't deliver a good payoff. So that's where I come in. And just FYI, I'll be going through the summary first soap spoilers ahead. If you just want to skip ahead to the explanation, a timecode should appear on screen now. 
Now without further ado, this is a vivarium Gemma is a young school teacher and she clearly loves her job. She brightens up and gets very animated with her kids, but she's much less enthusiastic about looking for a new home. It's dragging on and on. But her co worker convinces her to take her advice and close the deal fast. Hands down markets going through the roof. Yeah, we're gonna drop and Do you hear that? It's subtle, but yeah, we're gonna drop a chirp.
Huh? After School ends Gemma runs into a student who finds a dead baby bird on the ground. Gemma tells the girl that a cuckoo bird probably kick this hatching from its nest. Oh yes. The cuckoo bird. A vicious little thing that will kick out baby birds from their nests to put its own eggs in. Yeah, you heard that right. It tricks other birds into raising its own hatchlings. sounds ridiculous. But it's true. Thank you peace of mind because it comes into play later. Gemma just accepts this shocking cool reality. Well, it's just nature. It's just how things are. But the girl does not take this well. It tells Gemma I don't like nature. I don't like how things are. It's horrible. Gemma then meets up with her husband, Tom, who actually does care enough about the baby bird to bury it and even do a little ceremony on like his wife before the two of them leave to meet a real estate agent named Martin who is dressed like a Mormon and is just so weird. Like there's a scene where he gives this wide open mouth smile and the Camera Cuts away from him to Gemma, then to Martin's name tag than to Tom. Then back to Martin, who is still holding that smile. He likes this there was so many scenes there's so off putting like this. It's great. Anyway, Martin tells them about this special place called yonder. It's a really popular suburb with people snatching up properties there really quickly. A suburb isn't what Tom and Jim are looking for. And Tom feels something's off. It tells Martin they can't go because they don't have a car. But he's cut off by Gemma who's hooked by Martin saying that the homes may not be available for much longer, and Tom gives in. So the couple follow Martin to the yonder development and this place is creepy. With the tagline forever quality homes. All the houses look exactly the same in this awful shade of green on the outside. And as if that wasn't bad enough same colour on the inside to Martin seems to love it though. He shows on house number nine and call it a forever home that's perfect for any family. And then in the middle of the tour marches leaves the house Gemma surprise and tumbling God, let's get the f out of here. But they can't. Every time they drive around the block, they end up at house number nine again and again. Until light falls in the car runs out of gas the next day and Tom climbs the roof to see if there's a way out. But all he sees are rows of houses that go on for miles. Tom and Gemma desperately tried to walk their way out but there's no exit. So they go back home tired and defeated where they find a box with food and things needed for survival. out of anger Tom sets the house on fire hoping to send a smoke signal to anyone. But the next day, they find the house has been rebuilt, as well as a box with a baby inside with the text of the box reading raise the child in be released. Two months later. 
Two months later, the baby has grown up very quickly becoming a very Let me say that again. Very annoying child who is very needy and creepy. Like he's always watching his parents and copying them which is normal for any kid but the way he does it and his voice is just so unsettling. Like he imitates both of them having a full blown argument and we does Tom he does a lower voice and for Gemma he uses a higher pitch one. If you didn't say no to every goddamn house you looked at we wouldn't have ended up here. So I blame Tom How is this my fault? Plus there's the way he's dressed which is very similar to Martin's outfit. And when he's not being freaky or annoying. He's watching this trippy TV screensaver or acting like Tom and Gemma are his parents, which they absolutely hate. It remind him that I am not your mother. After a toss cigarette lands in the front lawn, Tom finds out that the soil is fake. 
It begins digging the hole, becoming obsessed with it, digging deeper and deeper into the unnatural Earth. But one day Tom gets fed up with the kid and locksmiths had the car, telling Gemma to leave the boy alone and let him starve to death. But she saved his life and grows closer with him. And again, Tom doesn't stick to his conviction. Gemma is growing closer to the child and begins acting like a mother teaching them things playing with them. We see more of this. Tom gets mad at the kid for watching TV at night which he turns off but Gemma gives in and allows it and he does nothing. These dynamics Gemma taking the kid as your own child, and Tom giving in are very important.
But one day the boy goes missing and Gemma has no idea where he is. Whereas Tom doesn't care.
Tom is pretty much completely on his own. Outside Diggy mostly and hearing sounds down there. With a boy comes back he has a book written in a strange language with weird diagrams. Similar to the TV screensaver weirdness. Curious Gemma asked him what he was doing. And he tells her that he met someone but it's not allowed to say who. So Gemma tricks him into acting like the person he met by playing a game of pretend with him and the boy base, transforming in front of her eyes while making these weird chirping noises pretending to be who we met. It's a terrifying moment for Gemma. And it really makes you wonder what exactly is the boy and who did he meet? Several months later and the boys men will man. The man leaves the home every day to go somewhere to do something unknown. One day Tom digs up a dead body inside of a bag. And horrified he climbs out of the hole but begins dying from exhaustion and malnutrition. The boy comes back home and like it's nothing bags Tom's body in throws down the hole. Ironically, Tom ended up digging his own grave. Gemma is furious and explodes in anger attacking the man who used to be a boy. But he somehow lives up the sidewalk and goes underneath to escape. Gemma tries to chase him, but she ends up horrifyingly clipping and sinking and falling through walls, going through weird versions of different coloured houses. In each house. There are different couples who are raising their own boys. Eventually she pops out of her own house number nine. here she's found we can dine but the former boy who puts in a bag, which he throws down the hole. But just before he does, she has some last words for him. I said I'm not your mother. Then after filling the hole and cleaning up the house, the boy leaves yonder and Gemma's car, going to the real estate agency where he meets a now way older Martin who dies on the spot. The boy then puts a large body in a bag that he gets from a cabinet, though not before putting Martin's name tag on clipping a receipt on the body bag and yeah, rolls it up like playdough and puts it away at that cabinet. The boy now becoming a new real estate agent and welcomes in a new couple. So with all that said, what does it all mean? The entire film is based on that first scene with a little girl. The entire thing is a critique. Like she said, I don't like nature. I don't like how things are. It's horrible. And the way that it does that is genius, usually cuckoo bird. throughout the film at key points. We hear birds chirping, like in Gemma's classroom, or when her co worker says the markets are going through the roof when Tom and Jim are in the car, and so on. All the criticisms This film has or pointed out using a different aspect of the cuckoo bird itself. It's layer upon layer of cuckoo metaphors. And it does so masterfully. Let me explain. First the film criticises Gemma, Gemma is flawed. She lets others dictator life a co worker entices her with the fear of missing out before house prices go up. Martin wheels are ran into looking at a suburb house, she does want because it might not be available much longer, and so on. The only one who doesn't use this tactic with her actually is Tom. He's the only one in her life genuinely giving her good advice. And she ignores it. Just like in the opening scene. She can't see what's wrong with a situation. That's just nature. That's just how things are. 
The cuckoo is used to point out that Gemma can't see what's wrong with a situation including her own. And then it goes one layer deeper. Because then the cuckoo situation is forced on her. All of a sudden, now she's taking care of another offspring. What better way to make someone realise the horribleness of a situation than by forcing them to live it. She too is completely hooked by the child who takes advantage of her in plays on her maternal instincts by mimicking her and needing her nurturing, just like your co worker and Martin take advantage of her fear of missing out in peer pressure instincts and it works for a time because actually Gemma isn't all bad. We do see her briefly shaking her head after the housing price conversation. She doesn't first resist the kid. But really by the end of the movie, Gemma comes full circle. Eventually, the situation gets so bad, so horrible. Even she can see it. She snaps on Tom dies in with her last dying breath. As the former boys, it's her body bag. We can see she sees and understands what the cuckoo has done, or not your effing mum. Perhaps she even finally understood what the boy himself has become a full grown cuckoo, ready to take the role of Martin, and entrap another couple with his offspring. In her last moment, she has overcome the dictates of others. Secondly, we have Tom, Tom actually does seem to care for the baby bird that was ejected from its nest as we see him burying it. He doesn't have John's problem. 
He's okay with not seeing the place, never gets enticed with the kid and generally has good ideas. It is right about almost everything. I mean, yeah. How about we don't go to the place this really creepy real estate agent is trying to set us up with but Tom's got a different problem. And here the cuckoo analogy plays a different role. Tom is a cook, a cuckold. Derived, you guessed it from the word Cuckoo. a cuckold is someone who lets others walk all over them. This is again the critique of the girl who doesn't accept how things are, you can have all the right answers in the world. But if you don't have the conviction, the stand by them, what is going to change? Nothing. 
He might try to turn off the TV or tell Gemma to let the boy die. But he always gives in, they go see the place. Gemma lets the boy out of the locked car, that you grow close and the TV stays on. And Tom himself is the one injected from the nest alone outside digging a hole in which he is eventually buried. Just like the baby bird, which was kicked out by the cuckoo in that he too buried. But we are not done.
What in the world is going on in yonder? Who made it? What's the purpose of it? Why number nine? What do the trippy TV and language mean? In who did the boy meet? Let's take a look at a few hints. When Tom flicks his cigarette onto the grass, it doesn't burn it. It has this weird distortion sound effect in the grass just receipts. Furthermore, when Tom goes digging, we see that it's artificial, with no subsoil or roots. Other similarly weird things are that all the houses and clouds seem like they're all the same repeating pattern. And there's also the weirdness of the former boy being able to go under the sidewalk and Gemma clipping through the walls. That's all because according to my theory, they are in a simulation, and in my opinion, specifically a gaming simulation. Although I'll talk about another option later. Sim games are a genre of gaming that includes a huge amount of titles all the way from the sim Sim City and RollerCoaster Tycoon to farming simulator to arguably Minecraft and ARK Survival Evolved. simulation games are meant to imitate a real world activity. But obviously, they can't be a perfect one to one copy. Due to processing limitations, they often have to make very specific compromises. For example, using just one 3d model of a house and repeating it again and again, or one 3d model of the cloud, repeating it again and again. Or, for example, using simple low rez effects for grass burning instead of the real looking thing. And maybe not bothering of designing roots or proper sub soil games very off to reduce the resolution drastically in areas they don't expect the player to get to out of bound areas, which explains why Tom started to see the dirt come in small clumps when he got deeper in the hole. And that explains different mechanics like the house popping back up after being burned down their trash disappearing in the food they need appearing regularly. As for Gemma moving through walls, that looks exactly like some sort of accidental clipping bug, probably triggered by her entering a non player area by chasing the man in the other people she sees other see files played by other players. Maybe this game is very popular, with so many wanting to escape the pressures of their lives. Not only can we tell for the different colours of the houses that Gemma sees that there are many other neighbourhoods going on at the same time. But from the fact that Martin's current beginning of the movie is different from the former boys card, which he steals from Gemma at the end. We can tell it continues happening to different people every time, not just the same ones again and again. As I said simulation games are meant to imitate a real world activity. But yet at the same time, they are so popular because they allow players to escape their own reality. This is a criticism of the movie my opinion. Players as simulation games get to enjoy the good aspects of the activities without the bad aspects such as stress or injury that can come from the real thing. It's not criticising those players. But it's criticising people trying to do that in their real lives, trying to live without anxiety or risk conforming to the needs and wants of society, like getting a house and raising a kid, about thinking for themselves and being willing to take chances. The movie points out the extreme version of how monotonous and empty it is for you to let others tell you how to live by literally use the example of someone dictating to you how to live, the player dictating the real world life of a character in a sim game, there is a limit to how much you can escape. At some point, you still need to rise up in your own life and face challenges. Otherwise, people suffer. Maybe hatchlings get kicked out of nests. And who knows, maybe it's actually NPCs in your game, you wish should were subconscious. But we're actually living the horror of Tom and Gemma, in which case I was actually be worse than Hitler. But probably taking the analogy too far. This is again, the criticism of the little girl who sees something wrong and isn't okay with it suffering. But it's faced of Gemma as a jaded adult who is okay with it. So who's doing all this to them? In my opinion, the player, the third person, this movie is criticising us. That is also who the boy meets in my opinion, and why he can't say he's part of it, a part of the programme, and he can break the game's rules. The TV in the strange language in the book, those are all code executables ones and zeros jibberish to anyone other than a machine. 
This is why the boy becomes capable of breaking the physics engines rules and escape by going underneath the pavement. His programme has admin privileges. As for the number nine, I think this is more of a reference above anything else, either to a British TV show called inside number nine, in which each story took place in a building with the number nine on it, or more likely to the nine stages of life. prenatal development, infancy and toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle adulthood, late adulthood death and dying with the boy going through all these stages fairly quickly. And this process of boys growing up implied to be a cycle. So that's my explanation. The cuckoo bird metaphor is used to criticise Gemma's indifference towards an action in our societies thoughtlessness. In other words, a lack of care, a lack of action, and a lack of thought. There are a few other possibilities. 
The language can be an alien language, especially the kind of alien that evolved in their world in a similar parasitic way to the way the cuckoo bird evolved in ours. And that explains the boys chirping when imitating who we saw in that species is using our society to raise his offspring in the same way by creating a cheap knockoff simulation of our world while we do its bidding. Who knows? Maybe Martin gas Tama Gemma, as soon as he entered his office, in their brains are actually hooked up on a mothership somewhere, so the boy can learn to imitate them. But in my opinion, aliens can be too easy of a casual explanation sometimes, I really want to hear if anyone else has other theories like this or can explain the Alien Theory or my theory a bit deeper. Please feel free to comment with your opinion. making these videos and theorising is something I really enjoy doing. But usually it's even more fun to jump into the comments and see the theories evolve after the video is published. So that being said, thank you so much for watching, ladies and gentlemen. If you enjoyed the video, leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated on my latest uploads. So next time, folks, I wait. Do you hear that sounds like.

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