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Realistic review of the newest Batman movies

Jack Jack McGinnis is back it with another spoiler review of The newest Batman movies. This time The Joker is the Topic. What makes this interesting is the other reviews are for other superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man, who seem to be dying in this third installment. Where do you think that's going? Jackman gives his opinion about the villains success in the newer Batman phases, what he thinks about them overall, and if there are any real spoilers in here.

Batman movies

Below are reviews of the newest Batman movies. There are four reviews total. They are reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight Rising, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Lego Batman Movie

Good and Bad qualities of the movies

It is good news for Batman fans that the newest installment of the famous franchise was released.  There are several good qualities to note  with this movie  which is why it scored an 8.7 on IMDb with over 37,000 votes.  One positive aspect  of the film is that it does not give away too much too early  which is refreshing  with most big budget movies these days  with zipping plot lines that go a mile a minute. The action scenes in it are extremely well done and will please any avid superhero fan.


1.  Batman (1989)
2.  Batman Returns (1992)
3.  Batman Forever (1995)
4.  The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 5.  Batman: The Movie (1966)6.  Batman & Robin (1997)

Joker review (based on Release Date)

The Joker is a huge character in the Batman comics, and at times he's like an evil agent of chaos who doesn't care about anything but his own amusement. That's what makes John "Joker" Stewart such a great Batman villain when you think about it; when DC Comics conceived of this world for their movie adaptation, they took the opportunity to do something new and different with this character in comparison to what we traditionally see.
Ninja Review:
There was something liberating in watching the Joker be portrayed in a slightly more humanized light (or as close to one as we might hope). The film offsets some of our general acceptance and familiarity with this villain, doing something to give the audience pause, so their minds are less likely to.

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