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Sinhadri Cinema Kadha was born somewhere and came close to NTR.  Rajamouli made a film that should have been made by someone.  It rang the record.  We all know but if we know the story behind it then how many people will do that movie before we get to the screen for% Simhadri movie.  Thrown aside.  Let's see in the most thrilling Simhadri background story how the movie was rejected without going to Balayya.

  Writer Vijayendra Prasad climaxes after watching the movie Vasantha Kokila with his disciple Ganesh.  Heart is touching.  Ganesh said.  Vijayendra Prasad: We are like that too.  The teacher said that the film should be made. Someone said why should we take it ourselves? Vijayendra Prasad sat down with his team and prepared for the Vijayendra Prasad Ganesh story.  The hero is a common man who stands up for the family of those who believe in him The role of giving life to those who believe in us consists of three heroines.  One of them dies and the second heroine falls in love with the concept of Kerala Naturopathy in the movie Vasantha Kokila.  Kerala hero goes by the name of illness.  Isn’t that where the Love Track runs.  Even after hearing everything the believer in the twist must recognize the beloved hero Sir why did the flashback come.  Ganesh thought that the audience who came to the interview should think about what is actually going on.  No matter how long it takes to leave that attribute.  Ganesh, Vijayendra Prasad Laughing What quality did Ganesh catch? Let's aim for a better target for Vijayendra Prasad on the Ganesh Test.  The role with this.  Also the scene about the hero NTR attribute became an interval bang.  The whole story is written powerfully.  Vijayendra Prasad did it with his team.  Told the story to his disciples.  He says that comedy, action, emotions, sentiment, romance, humanities, relationships are all teachers.  In those days when B Gopal was the only one who could make up stories like this, producer Medikonda Murali Prasad phoned writer Vijayendra Prasad while he was thinking of the Balayya B Gopal combination.  This is Medikonda Murali Prasad.  He said Narasimha Naidu wanted a story for producer Balayya.  And the producer did not like hearing so many stories already.  Loved the story told by Vijayendra Prasad.  The producer said that it would be a perfect suit for a story by Balayya.  But B Gopal once said.  Gopal is said to be routine with Vijayendra Prasad.  You have given the story of Bobbili Simham Samarasinghareddy over doing similar stories.  Vijayendra Prasad also retorted that if I had written a routine story, I would have said the same thing to Balayya again.  It seemed to write a routine story in zeal.  But in fact Simhadri Kadha stopped by B Gopal.  Definitely one would do if listening to a childhood story.  But in the words of B Gopal the story fell so obscure.  But when the time came, they wanted to give it to Rajamouli.  Because the student is looking for a good story after the number one hit.  But here Rajamouli is not told that story.  Vijayendra Prasad writes 100 stories if not a story, but has also written.  Simhadri put the story aside.  However, NTR did not take the film from producer Doraswamy Raju, who had taken an advance two years ago.  The big close is listening for a good story that must be spoken.  NTR.  Over NTR career was in jeopardy.  Terrible disasters after Sunday terrified NTR.  Leapfrog Lord like me became a disaster.  So much so that this poop is gone.  The talk of being a single hero began.  NTR was worried about this.  They are the ones who thought he was a big star.  Kirkland was upset to say.  Even if scared.  V Narayana who told the stories with this but did not like why.  Nearly 20 stories but none did okay.  Because those who compare some good stories with old movies are actually very young.  Not even Brahmadeva can say that the 18-year-old has the power to analyze stories to some extent.  Tension on the one hand and kangaroo on the other have confused NTR and it is doubtful whether even good stories are being rejected.  Let's meet in the meantime.  Uday Shankar, who was hit by Raw, was brought in.  Producer Doraswamyraju.  But he has no story.  Told an action love story line that suits you.  That's going to be nice.  Raw has already become a blockbuster hit.  Uday Shankar shot two songs without a story and after that he gained faith in himself.  After shooting two songs, Uday Shankar told the full story and producer Doraswamyraju did not like it so the movie stopped again.  The hunt for NTR stories began as soon as the situation was how it was.  Osari is watching his favorite movie Bobbili Simham at home.  Already looked over a dozen times.  If you watch that movie you should find a story like this.  Emotion, love, action are all there.  Vijayendra Prasad's name appeared while searching for who wrote these stories.  Vijayendra Prasad has already called NTR and I want a story like Bobbili Simham Vijayendra Prasad.

NTR says it will definitely give a good story.  With that the discussion stopped.  Along with other stories, NTR also wanted to write a good story.  However, Rajamouli's Student Number One was a hit but the movie was made by Raghavendra Rao.  However, Raghavendra Rao has great faith in Rajamouli's talent.  Jagadeka Veeru wanted his son Suryaprakash to play the hero in a movie like Atiloka Sundari with Rajamouli.  Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad also prepared the story.  Plan a huge budget movie with good graphics.  However, the movie Neeto by Raghavendra Rao's son Suryaprakash was a disaster.  Raghavendra Rao left that his screen presence was not at all suited to this story.  With this Rajamouli Deela came here.  Because there are no producers who make films with Rajamouli.  After that Rajamouli Simhadri took out the story as it was also a story for NTR.  Doraswamy Raju is ready to make a movie.  Rajamouli was told to watch this story.  Vijayendra Prasad changed his mind in favor of his test after hearing the story.  He also did some scenes in the Hollywood class Braveheart.  In the flashback that comes in the second part the sentiment is removed and the action party is put on.  Rajamouli Interval Bang fired a heroine.  Reduced to Rajamouli.  He kept it as it was and prepared the story by putting another heroine for Kerala with one heroine in his house.  However, Rajamouli suggested that NTR should be told once and for all.  Vijayendra Prasad Deela fell there again.  Do not leave NTR for my life, I am coming to the cinema with this banda babu.  I even did my first movie with NTR without liking it.  It was only because of Raghavendra Rao that Rajamouli felt that the tribe was a movie hero again.  But a terrible artist in NTR.  He may not even be the star of all the Tollywood heroes.  But becomes the Best Artist.  Vijayendra Prasad, who did not anticipate the future of NTR to see NTR go beyond grandfather in dialogue delivery, told this story to change the hero to suit your test best NTR.  If Rajamouli tells the story the whole heard NTR said nothing.  Rajamouli was shocked to see that Rajamouli did not like the story again.  Immediately Rajamouli also told NTR laughing that you should lose weight at least.  Because with the coming of the movie the terribly lava NTR you have lost the least weight that the audience will hear you say.  NTR producer Doraswamyraju also liked the story.  No sooner had it gone over the rails.  Shooting began on December 20, 2002.  Once a long schedule is planned without a gap.  Rajamouli first took a major part in the Hyderabad Vizags and then the schedule closed in Kerala.  5,00,00,000 for a total of 130 days of shooting if it crossed 8,00,00,000.  Because the villain from Bollywood was sacrificed for the action scenes.  However, Doraswamy Raju was happy with the success of the film.  Keeravani at first thought that the background music in the Singamalai scene would make a difference.  At exactly the same time, Rajamouli put it that the BGM given by Keeravani's brother Kalyan was gone.  Movie songs are also very weird songs that Keeravani has done for other movies.  Used in the middle.  Because they were rejected by the directors.  Apart from being a super hit after that, the Andhra Soda Buddy song is also a song prepared for Mohan Babu's movie but exceptionally went to NTR.  Released on July 9, 2003, the film received rave reviews.  Super‌ flour crowds queued for an evening of flour for alcohol.  By the second day the screens of the theaters were gone from being torn.  Spectators queued up to find tickets.  So the tsunami of collections in Tollywood.  Indicated.  Simhadri became an NTR star in Overnight.  Created a market of 20,00,00,000 for the Big Hero Range over a decade ago.  NTR is still very little success even if NTR is an age who does not know how to enjoy this buddy is a great grandson to the grandfather who thought Raw was done.  Simhadri has become a reference movie for all the heroes in Tollywood.  Action cinema is meant to be like that.  NTR star with one such movie.  Rajamouli appeared as the directorial god of young heroes.  This is Simhadri Flashback.

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