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His first film was very important to a hero.  That movie will determine his movie career.  That is not a lie.  Hero Venkatesh has created a special place for himself as a successful hero by giving a super hit with such a first film.  So let us know about the highlights of his first film Kaliyuga Pandavas which gave a big hit to the hero Venkatesh.  Venkatesh does not intend to act in the film even though Ramanayudu is Gary's son despite a large production company.  In Premnagar.  

Although he worked as a child artist, he went to America to study without ever looking towards acting.  There they would make various videos with friends.  Seeing that, some ad agencies out there asked if there was some action.  So did some ads in America.  Venkatesh saw it and asked Ramanayudu if he intended to try out as a hero, let's make a movie.  Even then Venkatesh said that he made fun of the fact that he had no intention of becoming a hero.  Did Ramanayudu plan to make a film as Krishna Hero in 1985 under the direction of Raghavendra Rao?  Responsibilities were handed over to Paruchuri Brothers.  Krishna asked Ramanayudu to take his friend 20S Rama Rao as another producer.  

Suresh did not want to hire another producer in Productions.  Ramanayudu said.  With that he dropped out of that movie.  While Krishna was looking for another hero, Paruchuri Brothers saw the ads made by Venkatesh and kept the hero at home and searched the whole house.  Venkatesh told me to put him as a hero for this story.  As soon as Naidu's men were the same, Venkatesh immediately called him here.  You said you were a hero.  Trained in Dance in Acting.  

After all sorts of ready.  On December 13, 1985, it was officially announced that Venkatesh was being introduced as a hero.  The casting selection began.  Heroine Khushboo.  This is Avida's first Telugu film and the first Telugu film for Hindi actor Shaktikpur.  Ranganath Ashwini, Nutan Prasad and Chalapathi Rao Y Vijaya were chosen as the actors.  Chakravarti Garini and YVS Chaudhary are the music directors.  R Shinde has been selected as the assistant director for the film.  Shooting began on January 1, 1986.  The shooting took place in the forest areas of Madras, Hyderabad, Annapurna Studios and Vizag Talakona.  

The title of the film was decided to be Kaliyuga Pandavas.  A budget of Rs.  At that time, only 12 films had that range budget.  Before the movie, Venkatesh commented that the hero is not material.  Educated in America.  12 magazines have also written about how Telugu Radu can stand as a hero.  However, strangely enough, before the release of the film, Venkatesh had some fan base.  Venkatesh fan clubs have done well in places like Vizag, Madanapalle and Konaseema.  The film was released on August 14, 1986 amid much suspicion.  

Venkatesh dispelling everyone's suspicions.  The Telugu audience was entertained with that performance.  Directed by Raghavendra Rao, Paruchuri's words, Venkatesh Kushboo's performance made the film a big hit.  The first film entertained audiences from all walks of life and won the admiration of all.  Venkatesh also won the Special Jury Award for this film.  Kaliyuga Pandavas 100 days function on December 21, 1986 in Vijayawada.  Got done in great splendor on the college ground.  Superstar Krishnagar is the chief guest of this movie.  

Naidu told Krishnagari that if you had made this movie, our Venkatesh would not be a hero now.  After this movie, whoever the son should be introduced as a star hero means that it is possible with Raghavendra Rao to stand in the top industry.  Raghavendra Rao also introduced superstar Mahesh Babu to Allu Arjun in the same vein.  And when it comes to Kaliyuga Pandavas at the box office, it was a hit movie with 50 days in 14 centers and 100 days in one center.  Audi set a record by playing housefull for 50 days in some theaters.  Kaliyuga Pandavas.

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