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Nani And His Gang Occupied Total Town Now?

Recently it has come out that hero Nani is shooting with almost 500 dancers which includes a majority of real dancers while other sare junior artists.

This is regarding his upcoming film Dasara which was being shot in Godavarikhani region right now under the direction of newcomer Sarath. And they are right now carving a song under Prem Rakshith’s direction.

While the news sounds big, actually the people of Godavarikhani are quite shocked that there are no more function halls empty in their town. Godavarikhani is a very small town and won’t have many hotels to accommodate these 500 dancers as well as junior artists.

For that reason, they have booked the government’s guest houses, and other private entities and also took Kalyana Mandapams to make some people sleep there. It will be not just a costly affair, but also a hectic one as providing logistics and managing such a huge gathering in such a small town is a daunting task.

Reports are coming that Nani is going the extra mile with this film as he wants to make sure that the ‘mass hero’ image that is eluding him for a long time will fall in his lap this time. However, the film is said to be crossing many budget caps and the producers are feeling the heat already.

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