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Rumour: Pawan Kalyan Is Uhappy!

While Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is already giving his best for creative director Krish’s latest movie Hara Hara Veera Mallu which happens to be a costume drama set in the post-Mughal and the pre-Independent era, it looks like there are some disappointments too. It is now coming out that the numero uno star is unhappy with his director for a reason.

Apparently, Pawan is pouring loads of hard work and lots of sweat to perform the stunts in HHVM. The recently released action choreography practice video of the film brought the actor’s hard work into the spotlight.

And the rumour is that, though Pawan liked the total setup, Krish’s direction and all other aspects of this visual effects centric film, he’s said to be unhappy with the costumes created for the movie.

Reports are coming that Pawan expressed his disappointment to Krish that the costumes given to him as well as other characters in the movie are looking pretty much modern and new, while the actor thought that the costumes will be mostly designed, based on the original looks of those in medieval India.

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