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Avatar 2: Leaked Video Removed, Trailer Date Locked

Recently the first-ever teaser trailer of the most awaited sequel was unveiled, but that was not released officially on YouTube or any other streaming platforms.

Yes, we are talking about the trailer of James Cameroon’s Avatar 2, which is officially titled “Avatar: The Way Of Water”, and the snippets from this trailer have taken the world by storm.

Other day, this teaser trailer of Avatar: The Way Of Water got leaked on social media with various folks sharing and resharing it. But in no time, the teams of 20th Century Studios acted very efficiently and got all the pirate versions of the trailer removed from everywhere.

And then, many thought that the official teaser trailer will be released on Sunday, but that hasn’t happened. Here is the latest update on that.

Reports are coming that the trailer of Avatar: The Way Of Water will be shown only in theatres from May 6th. Along with Marvel’s new film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness”, this teaser of Avatar 2 will be screened.

With Avatar being the stunning blockbuster from Hollywood that has taken the whole world by a surprise, now this sequel is expected to shake the globe again.

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