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NTR Rocks In All The Languages Yet Again

No doubt, giving their own voice in multiple languages is a huge feat and recently mighty superstar Prabhas impressed his Bollywood fanbase by dubbing himself for the Hindi version of “Radheshyam”.

And then, we have the super talented Jr NTR, who wants to make sure that his voice will be heard in almost all the languages his upcoming film releases in.

While NTR did a similar feat for RRR as well, this time it is getting mightily noticed as the ‘Fury of NTR’ from #NTR30 is right now going viral.

Except for the Malayalam version, Tarak has dubbed his lines himself not just in Telugu but in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil as well. And his diction as well as the command in uttering those languages like a native speaker is quite impactful, which is also being liked by movie lovers for the same.

As his market opened up in a big way after RRR, the makers of #NTR30 are looking forward to releasing the movie in all the south languages as well as in Hindi at the same time.

Also, Jr NTR is likely to dub in almost all the languages himself except for Malayalam. Once the first copy of the film is ready, Koratala will get the translated versions of the lines written, and his Janata Garage star will jump into action.

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