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SVP: Why did Mahesh do that scene?

Star heroes should be very careful with each and every scene of their movies because their films influence the masses to the core. Compared to other actors, stars have an extra responsibility to be cautious and not come up with cringe content. It not only affects the respect they have in the society but also creates an unnecessary negative impression with the new-generation audience.

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s latest outing Sarkaru Vaari Paata had hit the screens today and is getting a mixed talk from the viewers. Keeping the verdict aside, there is a particular scene in the film which is cringed on and demeans the stature of a star like Mahesh Babu.

In one of the sequences, it was portrayed in a way that Mahesh pisses on Subbaraju. Though the scene was shot for a comedic purpose, it looks cringe on the screen instead of generating laughs. The makers cleverly did not show any visuals of the particular scene but conveyed the same cinematically.

Many viewers have felt that at least Mahesh should have suggested the director drop this sequence when he heard it in the narration. The scene is very objectionable. Considering his experience, Mahesh could have easily rejected the scene and it is in a way disrespecting Subba Raju’s popularity as an actor too.

Some of the viewers also didn’t like the whole track of Mahesh, Keerthy Suresh, and Subbaraju in the second half. They felt that the track is highly regressive. Usually, we don’t expect such things or scenes to happen in Mahesh’s movies. But, SVP came as a big shock to one and all.

We hope Mahesh comes across the feedback and avoids coming up with such scenes in his upcoming films.

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