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Mega Family Joined Hands With Pawan

Known for his social activities, Power Star Pawan Kalyan once again showed his gratitude towards farmers.

Interesting is that even the family members of Pawan Kalyan including his brother Nagababu, sisters Vijayadurga and Dr Madhavi along with his nephews Varun Tej, Saidharam Tej, Vaishnav Tej and Niharika donated Rs 35 lakh to Jana Sena party to help the tenant farmers families who committed suicide.

Talking on this, Jana Sena Party leader Pawan Kalyan said, “We never discuss politics at home. Most of my family members aren’t even involved in politics. But, they are moved by the plight of the tenant farmers and are impressed by the help extended by Jana Sena to the farmer’s families. So, they also joined hands in helping them”.

“Saidharam Tej has already built an old age home and is doing his part to serve a school. Varun Tej and Vaishnav Tej also participate in many social works. Today, Varun Tej donated Rs 10 lakh, Saidharam Tej donated Rs 10 lakh, Vaishnav Tej donated Rs 5 lakh and Niharika donated Rs 5 lakh. I thank them all. They are overwhelmed by the hardships. They have a service mindset”, he added.

Meanwhile, it is said Pawan Kalyan has undertaken a farmer assurance drive to help almost 5 lakh farmer’s families.

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