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Men Send Ugly Pics, But Chinmayi’s Account Blocked

Apparently, these social media companies work in different ways and they do unexpected things in the name of policies. If we have to believe what singer Chinmayi Sripada, who is popular as the voice of Samantha on the silver screen, Instagram has done the unthinkable in her issue now.

From some time, many men are said to be sending ‘ugly’ pictures of their private parts to singer Chinmayi over her Instagram account. While the talented singer reported the same to Instagram, right now, her own account is barred by the photo-sharing website.

“Instagram has basically removed MY account for reporting men who send ME their penises on DMs. Its been going on for a while where I report but MY access was barred” shared Chinmayi on Twitter, revealing the kind of things she is facing on everyday basis.

Ever since Chinmayi raised her voice against #MeToo and pointed out many big names in Tamil Film Industry who are exploiting women and who tried to sexually misbehave with girls, she is facing lots of unwanted harassment on social media.

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