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Talk: B’wood Gives Rude Shock To 2 South Heroines!

One is from the North but made her fortune in the South and now moved back to Hindi where she bagged a big film opposite the biggest star. The other heroine made it to the top in the South and is now testing her luck in Hindi. Both these star heroines got a rude shock in Bollywood.

Now these two star heroines tantrums have gone overboard of late. They are demanding additional pay from producers for their personal staff and towards their expenses. This is in addition to their hefty remunerations. While South producers have no other option but to obey these unruly demands of these star heroines, it is learnt that Hindi producers have outrightly rejected the star heroines demands.

Buzz is that the production houses have asked the heroines to either cut these additional expenses in their remuneration or asked them to pay on their own. Both these two heroines have got a rude shock with the Hindi producers who have clear clauses in their agreements and only act as per it unlike South where producers go based on good-will. With no other option, both these heroines have decided to stay mum on the expenses of their staff and decided to pay from their pockets.

Now, we have to see whether South producers too adapt to this or bow down the heroines’ demands. Of late, there have been many complaints on heroines and their staff from various production houses. Post pandemic, the film business is drastically hit and it is high-time both heroes and heroines should act in favour of producers.

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