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Tarak And Charan Fans Should Stop This Dirty Work

Well, fan wars are not new to Telugu Film Industry and in recent times we have seen many ugly spats on Twitter among the fans of star heroes. Especially after the release of RRR, the ugly fights between Ram Charan and NTR’s fans, each claiming that their heartthrob hero is responsible for the terrific show of RRR. They hurled abuses at each other saying that their hero has stunned the other.

And this talk and comments have now got extended to the world-level scenario as the fans of Ram Charan and NTR are posting about it a lot in relation to foreign tweets. Whenever a Hollywood critic or agency tweets about Rajamouli’s RRR movie, fans of Tarak and Charan are getting into action, claiming that their respective hero has done superbly. Replying to those tweets, anti-fans are starting to write scrap, and that is leading to huge trails of unwanted dirty talk on the micro-blogging site.

One wonders why fans of these two Telugu heroes are fighting this way, and bringing a bad name to Telugu Industry on a whole at an international level. All the foreign folks on social media are surprised and irritated as well by looking at these fan wars between the heroes of RRR. Maybe it is high time that the fans have to stop this dirty work such that Tollywood will not get a cheap name when RRR is making us proud everywhere.

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